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//*Name - Jillian Browning (cocoa if you want to call me that)
//*Age - 14
//*Location -Ocala, Florida (aka the BORINGEST -word- place ever)

//*Favorite things - my cd player, my jacket, my cds, my friends, my music, my bass
//*Whats under your bed - only god knows

//*Favorite Books -I liked Nothing Feels Good: punk rock, teenagers, and emo. that book was cool. Where the red fern grows (sad I cried)
//*Favorite Foods - tacos, pasta, and food period
//*Favorite Bands - KILL HANNAH, snow patrol, motion city soundtrack, alkaline trio, Reggie and the full effect, taking back Sunday, brand new, sugarcult.... and WAY to many more

//*What dose EMO mean to YOU? - well of course every body knows emo is emotional, I think it is a mood or a feeling kind of. like you can be happy and then you can be emo. or just whatever you want it to be.
//*Why are you emo? - cuz I cry a lot (joke) i am emo because I am just emotional. when I get in a mood I write about it poems, stories, songs, etc.
//*First emo band - the used

//*Most Hated bands [pick 5] - (new cd dashboard confessional, good charlotte, limp bizkit, avril lavigne (does that count)
//*Most Hated music Video EVER - good charlotte "boys and girls"

//*What do you think about president bush? - well he is doing his job but I just really don't agree with the whole going to war at the drop of a hat deal. I mean he is just shipping out little 18 year old kids that just want to go to collage for free to countries over seas and killing them off and when they all die just send some more over there. I am VERY anti-violence anti-war. and I just don’t see the point in killing women and children. for some power issues. I bet he wouldn't go to war so fast if he had to go and fight himself.

//*Why should you apart of our community? - I am very opinionated and I write poems and stuff and I like emo music. I vote cuz I know you want people to participate and I do.
//*What can you bring to it? my participation and poems.
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