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* Yes for Jes *

//*Name - Jesica..you can call me Jes though if you prefer:D
//*Age - 17...so close to 18 yet soooo far away.
//*Location - F-town Nevada (Fallon..)

//*Favorite things - Chic-o sticks, My Snuggle Bear, Garbage Pail Kids, My good ol' Vans, oooooo and my No FX cd's.
//*Whats under your bed - All my damn shoes! lol

//*Favorite Books - Tuesdays With Morrie, The Five People You Meet in Heaven, Catcher in The Rye, and Sybil.
//*Favorite Foods - Pizza, salad, Chic-o Sticks(again lol), and wait does bubble gum count as food or what?
//*Favorite Bands - NOFX!!!!! Guttermouth, Dead Kennedys, Last Days of April, Dashboard Confessional, Pedro the Lion, gosh I could go on for..ever.

//*What dose EMO mean to YOU? - Emo is a form of music in which makes you think about life and the sad things that you can usually otherwise block out, or so that's what I say. I think that an 'emo kid' is someone who is emotional and definetely NOT afraid to show it.
//*Why are you emo? - I am ultra emotional and constantly thinking of ways that my life is causing me to cry all the time. I'm too damn emotional sometimes I think *chuckles*
//*First emo band - I don't get this..is it the first emo band I listened to? Dashboard Confessional or Taking Back Sunday would be the answer to that..

//*Most Hated bands [pick 5] - Ooooo..I hate stepping on toes with what bands I like and dislike. I don't like Creed, I dislike Good Charolette(is that even how you spell it?). I also dislike, damn the love can't even think of 5 bands that I really dislike THAT much. I don't like Avril Lavigne though if that counts, or Christina Aguilera or Britney Spears. So does that make 5?
//*Most Hated music Video EVER -LMAO..
"Toxic" by Britney Spears, ANY video by Avril Lavigne(especially "Skater Boi" or whatever), I don't know I guess I dont watch that much tv..sorry.

//*What do you think about president bush? - I think that he, just like any other president does his job, but yet makes decisions that don't please everyone, in my opinion no one can please everyone. MY personal thought on him is I think he puts our money in the wrong places and I don't like the fact that we're at war right now though I somewhat understand it.

//*Why should you apart of our community? - Because I'm a cool cat lol. No actually that's a good question, I guess you guys will decide why or why I should not be a part of your community. I think this place rocks though and the people on here seem pretty awesome, so I think that I'd like to try and be a part of all the cool-ness. lol
//*What can you bring to it? I can bring my viewpoints, good new music to listen to, laughter..(or so I've been told I'm kinda funny) and just me altogether I guess.

Thanks Guys:)

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