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I got bored. So filled one out. Oh please oh please. vote me in.

I got bored.


 i decided to fill one out.

Get to know your maintainer. <3

Oh please oh please. Vote me in..

//* Name - Emma....  bo bemma... FI FY FO FEMMA... emmaaaaa.. ^_^
//* Age - 14
//* Location - Yo sistas bed, minnesota

//* Favorite things - Music... Eyeliner... Alcohol .... Concerts ... Catholic School Girls .... Yoga ....Bookstores ... Coffee .... Sleep Deprivation .... Making Out .... Soccer ... Starting Fires .... Playing with figherworks... Blowing stuff up.
//* what’s under your bed - Hoes... ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_ ^ ^_^ ^_^ ^ ^_^ _^_ _^ _^^  d kfh df'ij yay...

//*Favorite Books - The Perks of being a wallflower, Children of the mind, Cut, The collecet poems of emily dickinson
//*Favorite Foods - ORANGE SODA ^_^, Peta Beard, Veggie Burgers,
//*Favorite Bands - Kill Hannah, Avenged sevenfold, The Cure, taking back Sunday, Motion City Soundtrack, Matchbook Romance, Brand New, Alkaline Trio, Bright Eyes, Bayside, As i lay dieing, Glassjaw, Coheed and Cambria, Hidden in play view, Death Cab For Cutie, The Early November, The getup kids, Alexis on fire<-they get the coolest name award... Senses Fail, Bad Religion, Yellowcard, NOFX, the Doors, Nirvana, The dead Kennedys, Fugazi, The get up kids, Saves The Day, Death By Stereo, The Smiths i could go one, but i have hopes of finishing this before i die.

//* what does EMO mean to YOU? - Awesome. Boys can cry. Music that dosent go like " FUCK SHIT DAMN SUICIDE DEATHHH DIEEE AHHHGHDF:JK  DEATHHHHH FUCK SHIT DAMNNN DAMN DAMNN FUCK SHITTTTTTTTTTTTT :JKF glkgasfkl;dashgf  DEATH!!!"
//* Why are you emo? - I guess its the best lable for me. Even though i dont cry... [dont ask]
//* First emo band - Bright Eyes  [and i still love them mucho]

//* Most Hated bands [pick 5] - Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, ICP, The darkness [jenna shut up lol]  PRETTY GIRLS MAKE GRAVES [dude, i cound rant on them forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and EVER]
//* Most Hated music Video EVER - The Darkness -
I believe in a thing called love *whince* >.<
//* what do you think about president bush? - Hes  a puppet for the republican party. hes homophobic, which is enought to make me have mucho teenage angst towrds him.

//* Please post 1-3 pictures

 <---- i am a dead lumberjack



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