June 6th, 2004



Hi guys..I haven't touched this community for a while. I don't go on livejournal too much, but you know I check on the E-M-O Crowd every once in a while. How's it going in this part of the woods? New comers? Lot of boys I see..ME AND JEDD WE WERE THE FIRST MAN WE WERE THE GOD DAMN FIRST. Yes, so yeah..I'm a god. Worship me. I sound egotistical. Um. Hi. Oh wait..It's 5 am and I'm rambling. Okay, let's talk seriouse talk. Man to man talk son, what happen to this place man? Like..Where are the mods? They up't and kianteed? Kianteed, I like that. Anyhow, you know, send a message yo, sho yo love fo sho or something, I'm not good with ebonics. I come off like a british nun that's trying to be cool, even when I try to act sarcastic with it. Man. I love you honey pie.

I wish Jim Morrison were alive. Don't you? I wish Robert Smith would quit singing, I mean he's brilliant, I love the cure. But come on, blood flowers wasn't that great of an album. Oh and Morissey from the Smiths, still cracking out stuff. I thought he was dead. Morissey's solo stuff, bother me. The Smiths were A students though. Man this has been a long pointless post. So yeah, I'm doing good. I'm grooving. Alright. Sorry.
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hooooly bajesus. i havent posted in here in so long. seems like theres a whole batch of new people!! well im beth for those of you who dont know me and yup well this post was pointless but im gunna start being active here again because all other communities suck. love you guys.

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