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<font size=2 font color=red font face="times new roman"> 
//*Name -Claire
//*Age - 15
//*Location - Glasgow

//*Favorite things - Music & Friends
//*Whats under your bed - Most Likely Rubbish

//*Favorite Books - Heavier Than Heaven
//*Favorite Foods - Popcorn Chicken
//*Favorite Bands - Murderdolls Funeral For A Friend and Blink 182

//*What does EMO mean to YOU? - everything tis amazin...? have i to give a definition?
//*Why are you emo? - Because everything about me is emo.....do i even need to fill this out?!
//*First emo band - From Autumn To Ashes

//*Most Hated bands [pick 5] - good charlotte, linken park, limp bizkit, busted, mcfly
//*Most Hated music Video EVER - Hm...Peter Andre - Mysterious Girl

//*What do you think about president bush? - Nearly fucking killed us....=)

//*Why should you apart of our community? - because im one of the first ten and i filled out an application anyway?
//*What can you bring to it? Fun mwuahaha ;) </font>

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