This community is officially closed. The old graphics are still available.
We have opened a NEW community and want everyone to join! It's basically the same as eminent_, only with a new name and better graphics. It will be updated regularly. My new username is imamonsterr and the new community is socialxscene.
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1) COMMENT before taking anything.
2) Credit in keywords and/or userinfo is required. Even with bases.
3) Do not request anything unless we mention that you can; make your requests as specific as possible.
4) Upload images onto your own server.
5) To know that you read the rules, type 'skittles' somewhere in your comment.
6) Do not modify the images unless given permission.
7) No spamming.
8) Go to our userinfo and click JOIN COMMUNITY or CLICK HERE and add us to your friends list.
9) Comment to be added & be able to see posts. ADD US FIRST.