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emetophobia__'s Journal

don't puke on my shoes.
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my community. join now. or die.

about: this community is mostly based on the likes of street punk, crustcore, hardcore punk, and oi! music. along with some art and creative writing too.

rules: 1. i definitely do not prohibit the opinions or judgements of any member. however, if their posts get out of control, that member will have their posts deleted and will be banned from this community.

2. i will not deal with spam or anything of the like. if any member promotes spam, they will be banned.

3. duplicate posts will be deleted. please try to delete your posts if they have been entered more than once. or edit them instead of re-entering them as an entry.

4. if you need to leave a longer entry, please use the lj cut tags.

thank you.

maintained by: _until_we_die_.