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whoa so who got a scholarship to go to camp woodward this summer? well that would deffinatley be me...oh man jsut imagine who i am gonna meet...along with 60 hours of strait riding with pros at some of the best parks ever...oh man my summer is going to rock...
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Hey, everyone. I'm new..

Well, I'm not too picky about punk 'n stuff.. But it gets annoying when you hear people singing it like outside and stuff.. and yeah.

I like art and creativity.. I take art classes, sculpture classes, and pottery classes. Even though, i'm not so good.. I love it. I think individualism is an art.. It's the art of creating a unique human being.. and not just being the replica of everyone else in the world.. Most people I see everyday.. Are the usual slutty bitches. Very rarely do I stumble upon an individual.



hey this is dan 2serious from the crisis i just wanted you all to check out my bands site the crisis and leave a message or just visit it. check out our journal to. quit pukin on me shoes god damit. later...
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I'm new... I'm bored. I like punk rock sushi, although I'm not sure what it is. I have a question: has anyone heard shit about Wattie from the Exploited giving money to National Front or some other white power organization? I heard some rumors and whatnot about the Exploited being stupid Nazi fucks, but I don't know if there's any truth to it. I attempted to do some research on the matter but it got me nowhere and I ended up staring at my ceiling light for 34 minutes.
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Tne Foot Pole

I have just started a Ten Foot Pole community because there wasn't already one. Anyway, there's not much to it now, but hopefully people will join and share their stories, news, and love for the band. If you wanna join visit here: ten_foot_pole. Thanks for your time and space!