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--------(part one)
-Smallville: "Crossfire", "Arctic", "Siren", "Roulette" [61]
-Bones [30]
-The Dark Knight [09]
-Ella Enchanted [23]
-Keira Knightley [21]
-Kristin Kreuk [13]
-James Marsden [10]
-------(part two)
-Phantom of the Opera 2004 Movie [27]
-Tom Welling [16]
-Disney's Beauty and the Beast [22]
-Disney's Hercules [73]
-Disney's The Little Mermaid [24]

-Smallville: "Crossfire" [09]
-Bones [01]
-Keira Knightley [02]
-Kristin Kreuk [03]

-Smallville: "Crossfire" [01]



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It's a sunny day in the kingdom of Frell...

...and all the inhabitants are living a simple, happy life. King Char and his Queen Ella are resting peacefully in their graves, and all seems to be normal.

Or is it?

Happily ever after was just the beginning...

Fair is an original character fairy tale game based on the world created by Gail Carson Levine's books Ella Enchanted, Fairest, and The Two Princesses of Bamarre. If you've never read those books, don't worry! You can just look at the game like any other fairy tale game.

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Wanted Characters

Bess Guidon, the town's apprentice healer, is missing her husband, Tristan. Tristan is a knight, and he loves his wife more than anything, but something deep down tells him that she doesn't feel the same. He gives her everything he can in the hope that she'll stay with him, but somehow it's not enough for Bess.

Abigail Hall is missing her sister, Eleanor. The two were separated as children, and Abby misses her dearly.

Serenity Somerset ran away from her privileged life ten years ago, leaving behind her sisters Hope, Faith, and Blythe. These three sisters are all married, and one is playing host to elder unwed sister Grace, as well. Serenity works as a barmaid, but it can't be long before her past catches up with her.

Marta Damaran works in the palace as a servant, and she is missing her brothers, Markhas, Damin, and Richard Damaran. Richard also works in the palace, but Markhas and Damin have not seen him or Marta since she they ran away as children.

Original characters are welcome and encouraged! ♥