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Elijah Wood Icons
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This Community Was Made For Those Who Love Elijah Wood & Making "elijah_icons_".


I may request for someone to help maintain this community, but we'll see how it works out first.

Now, nearly every community has rules, so you should be used to them by now, they're pretty simple and not hard to follow.

1. To post in this community, you must join first.
2. This community is moderated as it's Elijah fans only, thats why it's called Elijah_Icons_
3. When you post an entry, it MUST be FRIEND LOCKED, I know occasionally people forget, so if I ask you to change it, please do so, I will only ask you once, then you will be removed.
4. Do NOT laugh at other members Icons, you will be automatically banned.
5. If you have more than 5 icons, please use the lj-cut, if you do not know how to use this, ask a mod/member.
6. If you are inactive for longer than 30 days, you will be banned, this is so the community stays active.
7. On your first post, put "Newbie//Elijah Icons" as your header, so I know you read the rules. If you do not, I will advise you to read the rules, if you do not change this, you will be banned.
8. If you use any icons from this community, you MUST either link the the person who made it or link the community. If not you will be banned and shamed.
9. Please promote this community and stay active. If not you'll only leave, right? so please stay active.
10. If you have revealing pictures or pictures that might offend, then make members aware of it's content and put it behind the lj-cut.

If I accept you and you later leave, you cannot re-join.

For this community to not die, people need to post and promote it. I will make some Banners/Icons etc, if you would like to contribute, thats great. =)

here's one to start off:

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