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hyuk hyuk cute baby huh?

of nature am i? (:

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Name: Ape
Age: 17
Location: a fluffy bed
Likes: art, writing, clutter, cupcakes, calligraphy ink, travel
Dislikes: racism, homophobia, narrow-minded folk
Positive adjectives to describe yourself: creative, whimsical, funny, optimistic
Negative adjectives to describe yourself: criticizing, frustrated, stuck in a box
Hobbies & Interests: drawing, painting, creating, writing stories/poetry/songs, taking walks, germany, foreign cultures/customs/food/anything, nature


Color: sherbert orange
Movie: the little mermaid
Music: brand new
Novel: howl's moving castle
Animal: bear
Fragrance/Scent: incense of any sort
Quotation/Lyric: "and you can sing-- 'til you drop-- 'cause the fun just never stops."

This or That

Optimistic or Pessimistic: optimistic
Realist or Idealist: idealist
Light or Dark: light
Introverted or Extroverted: both?
Calm or Chaos: calm.
Intuition or Logic: intuition.


Hopes, dreams, wishes for the present and future: to travel the world and experience everything it has to offer me.
What is your ultimate dream to achieve?: to be happy.
What is the greatest lesson you have learned?: i am not like other people. my art is not theirs. comparing the two isn't fair to me or them.
Something you admire/love/respect: artists, people who get up early and go outside. those who can live with nothing and still have something.
Something you detest greatly: stubbing toes. no, not really. people who refuse to acknowledge another way of life.
If you could have one "supernatural" power, what would it be?: the ability to fly or jump very high.
Where do you feel most at home?: at home, in my bed --or-- outside, sitting on the broken tree.
Do you have any creative talents?: i draw, i paint, i create, i write.
Where is your favourite place to be, and why? in a tiny, cryptic bookstore sipping chai. there are so many things that books have to offer.