Shura (bakatashi) wrote in elementals_,

stamped as mountain, jungle, garden // gods and goddesses theme

If you could can you try to vote with differnt God/ Goddess. Thanks in advance.


Previously stamped as: Mountain (regular) and Jungle and Garden (after re-stamp); Earthquake (Natural disaster); Sea (Mirror theme); Lilac (Flower theme); Dog (animal theme); Lapis Lazuli (Gemstone theme); Taranis (Gods/Goddesses of the Elements); Puget Sound (Natural Wonder); Indigo, Sapphire (Color theme); Waves (Underwater theme); Capricorn (Western Zodiac theme); Delphinus (The Dolphin)and after re-stamped Orion (The Hunter) (Constellation theme);Gas Giant (Solar System Theme); Elm Tree (Tree Theme); North America, Asia (Continents Theme); Partially Cloudy (Weather Forcast theme); Stratocumulus (Cloud theme); Sea (Water Bodies Theme); Peninsula (Landforms Theme); Iron (Periodic Table of Elements); Neptune and after re-stamp Earth (Planet theme); Centaur and after re-stamp Dragon(Mythological creatures theme); Trust (Emotions Theme); oak (celtic zodiac)

Five unstamped applications you have voted on: for that one I voted long time ago for that one too and for that too

What are some of your positive adjectives?: Strong-minded, stubborn, trustworthy, honest, independent, determined, loyal, protective, diplomatic, open minded, social, prudent

What are some of your negative adjectives?:Stubborn, mistrustful (I just can't trust people easily till I know them), cruel (when someone really provokes me)

What is your favorite season(s)?: Spring and Autumn

What type of animal are you more attracted to?I like almost all except insects and snaces. I can't explain...I like birds (because they fly), I like
dogs, wolfs and bears because of the earth (and other things) and I like dolphin, pinguins and etc because of the woter.

What element are you drawn to? Which one best represents you? I'm drown to fire and wind, but earth represents me the best.

What is your most definable strength? I don't know... Just (fair) is counting?

What physical environment do you thrive in? What kind of weather? In a quiet place with not so many people /but not loud one/ near mountain and water. Sum, but windy /I hate when weather is sunny or raing only/

Twilight, dawn, or night? Dawn

Which words appeal to you?

[X] Sun
[X] Night
[ ] Growth/Prosperity
[ ] Fire/Heat
[ ] Destruction
[ /] Rain
[X] Clouds
[X] Universe
[X] Hearth
[X] Wisdom
[ ] Powerful

Photo URL or a physical description </b> Here


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