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Stamped as Sky//Continent Theme


Name: Lucy

Previously stamped as:
Regular: Sky
Periodic Table of the Elements Theme: Potassium
Herb Theme: Sage
Flowers II Theme: Forsythia
Natural Disaster Theme: Flood
Solar System Theme: Moon
Flower Theme: Heather
Rock/Gemstone Theme: Obsidian
Animal Theme: Eagle
Parasite Theme: Mite
Mythological Creatures Theme: Nymph
Emotions Theme: Trust
Bird Theme: Quail
Planet Theme: Earth
Gods/Goddesses of the Elements Theme: Horus
Natural Wonder Theme: Rainbow
Colors Theme: Spring Green
Underwater Theme: Seahorse
Western Zodiac Theme: Capricorn
Constellations Theme: Delphinus
Tree Theme: Birch

Location: US

Positive Traits:Intelligent, kind, caring, hardworking, dedicated, compassionate, levelheaded, even-tempered, considerate, persistent, responsible, pleasant, funny (so I've been told), logical

Negative Traits:Occasionally shy, timid, lacking in self-confidence. Stubborn, spacey. My temper can be quite volcanic if you push me far enough.
Irritable at certain times.

Five unstamped applications you have voted on:
I didn't see any other unstamped applications.


1. What is one country that you would like to visit?: New Zealand

2. What kind of activities would you do there?: Visit the different filming sites for Lord of the Rings, mainly. I'd like to see the different national parks there, as the country seems to be quite beautiful.

3. What would be your form of transportation?: Well, since teleportation isn't an option....I'd fly there, of course. Then, I suppose I would take a car to travel in the country itself, unless I go with a tour group and can go on a bus.

4. Why would you go to that particular country?: I've heard it's a beautiful place. And, as a die-hard Lord of the Rings fan, I would love to see the places where they filmed the movies.


5. Do you prefer a small town, country, or urban lifestyle?: Probably a small town. Though, it would be nice to live fairly close to a larger urban area. I've gotten too used to having a symphony, a good-sized arena for concerts, etc. within reasonable driving distance.

6. What kind of weather do you enjoy most? (Select one):

[ ] Cold
[ ] Hot
[ ] Overcast
[x] Sunny
[ ] Rainy

7. Describe your ideal day-to-day life: Working in a fulfilling profession. Outside of work, spend time with my parakeet.
Spend time with family and friends (this may be more of a weekly thing than a day-to-day thing).
Go walking or get some form of exercise every day.
Have some sort of music (practicing the piano, or just listening to the radio)
Spend at least half an hour reading a good book before going to bed.

8. What are your hobbies and interests?: Health care, science, animals (especially birds), reading, sci-fi/fantasy, music, nature, cross-stitch, movies.


9. Food:Apples,carrots, bread,corn, chicken,pasta, rice, pizza, tuna noodle casserole, chocolate, grapes, oranges, Chinese

10. Music:Sarah Brightman, Enya, Bon Jovi, Josh Groban, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Nightwish, Within Temptation, Sleepthief, Savage Garden, John Williams, Hans Zimmer

11. Movies:Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars, The Dark Crystal, The Village, most Disney movies, Star Trek, The King's Speech, A Beautiful Mind, Gladiator, Blues Brothers, Ghostbusters

12. Books:Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, most books by Mercedes Lackey, Stephen King, or Jane Austen; A Song of Ice and Fire, Dragonlance
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