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Stamped as Mountain ☾ Western Zodiac Theme

Name: Whitney

Previously stamped as:
mountain [regular]
volcano [natural disaster]
comet [solar system]
tulip [flower i]
azalea [flower ii]
agate [gemstone]
dog [animal]
Uranus [planet]
Artemis [goddess]
Luray Caverns [natural wonder]
terra cotta restamped as coral pink [color]
Orion [constellation]
waves [underwater]
apple [tree]
Asia [continent]
sunny & clear [weather forecast]
pileus [cloud]
cove [water body]
mountain [landform]
copper [periodic table of elements]
oregano [herb]
giardia [parasite]
elf [mythological creature]
wonder [emotion]
owl [bird]
tomato [vegetable]
grassland [ecosystem]

Five unstamped applications you have voted on: none to vote on

What are some of your positive character traits?: cheerful, hardworking, creative, independent, funny, clever, artistic

What are some of your negative character traits?: stubborn, shy, critical, secretive, impatient with idiots, spazzy, snarky

What element do you relate to the most?: earth, air, and water in that order

What would be your role in a party or social setting?: the helper or the one who comes up with the good ideas

Idealism or realism?: both

What is your ideal career choice?: teacher

Are you more scientifically or artistically gifted?: both actually

In what academic subjects do/did you succeed in?: science, history, English, math

Check what words/ideas attract you:

[ ] Spirituality
[X] Solitude
[X] Challenges
[ ] Taking charge
[X] Strength of will
[ ] True love
[ ] Peace
[XX] Nature
[ ] Changes

12. This or that:

Dominant or submissive: in between
Emotional or detached: detached
Cautious or reckless: cautious
Introverted or extroverted: introverted
Patient or impatient: patient
Compassionate or just: just
Unpredictable or predictable: unpredictable

13. Optional- URL of pictures: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v506/maikekulanakea/stamping%20pics/Picture77.jpg
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