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Stamped as Sky//Tree Theme

Name: Lucy

Previously stamped as
Regular: Sky
Periodic Table of the Elements Theme: Potassium
Herb Theme: Sage
Flowers II Theme: Forsythia
Natural Disaster Theme: Flood
Solar System Theme: Moon
Flower Theme: Heather
Rock/Gemstone Theme: Obsidian
Animal Theme: Eagle
Parasite Theme: Mite
Mythological Creatures Theme: Nymph
Emotions Theme: Trust
Bird Theme: Quail
Planet Theme: Earth
Gods/Goddesses of the Elements Theme: Horus
Natural Wonder Theme: Rainbow
Colors Theme: Spring Green
Underwater Theme: Seahorse
Western Zodiac Theme: Capricorn
Constellations Theme: Delphinus

Five unstamped applications you have voted on:

What are some of your positive adjectives?: Intelligent, kind, caring, hardworking, dedicated, compassionate, levelheaded, even-tempered, considerate, persistent, responsible, pleasant, funny (so I've been told), logical

What are some of your negative adjectives?:Occasionally shy, timid, lacking in self-confidence. Stubborn, spacey. My temper can be quite volcanic if you push me far enough.
Irritable at certain times.

What is your favorite season(s)?:Probably spring. It's usually not too hot or cold, and it's such a time of renewal. (I could do without the thunderstorms, though) I do like autumn, too. It's very beautiful when the leaves change colors, and I love the foggy mornings. Not to say that I don't like winter or summer. It's just that it can get so cold in the winter (not pleasant at all) and snow, while very pretty, can be dangerous to drive in. I like summer just fine...until the 90+ degree weather hits.

How do you react to change?: Depends on the change. Usually, I try to adapt, unless it's a really bad change, in which case I'll be a bit more resistant.

What element are you drawn to? Which one best represents you?:Probably earth (for both questions). Calm, stable, steady, stubborn. But, as a passionate bird lover, I can't help but appreciate its "opposing" element, air.

Briefly describe your personality:Generally, I'm a quiet person, as well as studious and hardworking. Some people would call me shy, but introverted would be a much better term. I do feel much more comfortable around people I really know, and am not a big fan of large crowds. Serious, but can be silly and funny at times. Fairly pleasant,even-tempered, and laid back, though prone to occasional flashes of annoyance. Be warned: it would be unwise to make me really angry. A friend once told me that I'm a bit scary then.

What physical environment do you thrive in? What kind of weather?:A place with trees. I love being in beautiful, green places. A few mountains in the distance wouldn't hurt, either ;)
Weather-wise: Sunny or Partly cloudy, moderate temperature (upper 60s-low 70s). I wouldn't mind a little fog in the morning, though.

Are you more:

Optimistic or Pessimistic: Slightly more optimistic. But, "realistic" would be an even better description.
Shy or Social:Shy, though not to the point of being a recluse ;)
Introverted or Extroverted: Introverted
Idealistic or Realistic: Realistic
Dominant or Submissive: Somewhere in between. I sometimes come off as a bit more submissive, due to my soft-spoken nature.
Grounded or Dreamy:Grounded, though I do enjoy daydreaming at times.

Which words appeal to you?:

[x] Sun
[x] Night
[xx] Wisdom
[xx] Strength
[xx] Hope
[x] Rain
[ ] Expressive

What is your ideal vacation? Describe it.: Anything that gives me plenty of time to read and relax ;) If I had to travel somewhere, it would probably be to my brother's house. I enjoy seeing him, and he lives in a beautiful area. Or one of the Six Flags theme parks would be fun, too.

What is your favorite scent?: Vanilla, mint, cucumber/melon, most floral scents.

Post an image of something peaceful.:

Pictures or a description: Slightly above average height. A bit on the slim side. Long reddish-brown hair. Brown eyes.

Stamp options:
Tags: theme - trees - birch

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