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Stamped: Forest // Weather Forecast


Five unstamped applications you have voted on:

Name: Victoria

Previously stamped as:

Location: Slovenia

Positive Traits: Passionate, optimistic, sympathetic/supportive/protective, a believer, an idealist, ambitious, resourceful, creative, able to perceive and read people well, imaginative, outspoken, independent, intelligent, loyal to the very few people who deserve it, caring, honest and trustworthy (if you trust me with something I will never ever betray your trust), determined, curious.

Negative Traits: Unyielding ("a little" temperamental severely provoked), secretive, snarky, sometimes a little arrogant, a hard time trusting people, I can also be ruthless and sometimes even cruel to others, even though it's not really my intention. I have a broken moral compass, I know the difference between right and wrong, but I don't have trouble breaking half of the rules.
I can be curious to the point of irony and can easily cross a line.

Pictures (URLs or thumbnails):

Day to Day

What are some of your daily activities?: School work, reading, computer, art, photoshop, stumbling on to new things, learning, daydreaming, thinking, sleeping, eating, drinking, laughing ... :P

How do you spend an evening to yourself?: Read a book, sit on the floor and think about things, watch tv, go outside for a late night walk, experiment with some things. Listen to classical music and relax.


Choose one season:

[X] Autumn
[X] Winter
[ ] Spring
[ ] Summer

What is your preferred environment and climate?: I prefer colder and darker climates (I am sensitive to a lot of light and it often bothers me and hurts my eyes), it's rather hard for me to handle summer, because it's so warm, and sometimes it's so hot you can't even think, furthermore your head hurts because of it and if you're outside you sweat, there are more bugs too. >.>

I really like cooler climates, rainy and windy. I like thunderstorms (which are the only highlight of summer for me). I also like warmer days, when I can lie on the grass outside and simply enjoy the warmth (and take a nap), but it's important that it's not too warm!


How do you act in a confrontation or in an intense situation?: You need to be more specific.
If someone comes out to me, I will not deny the things I have said or done, if they are true. I will be calm and collected, I'd hear them out and then I'd say my part. Can't take it? You shouldn't be in my presence then. Simple as that. I can also threaten people if they don't back off and let me be. Or I threaten them in my head and on the outside smile.
If I am insulted greatly (and it takes a lot to drive me to that level of hate), I am going to nurture a deep Hitler-Jew hate for you. You don't want that.
Other things include: sarcasm, me being snarky, arrogant. Normally I am calm and impassive, if I start screaming at you, you've made the worst move a person can make with me.
As for intense situations, I love stress, it energizes me.

Do you adapt well to change, or are your resistant? I adapt well.

What do you want most from life?: Freedom, knowledge, excitement, adventures, fun, privacy, to achieve something worth while.
And a lot of other things.

How would your friends describe you?: Deep, weird, complex, good, private, ruthless, cruel, helpful, loving, adorable, empathetic, realist/dreamer, stubborn, determined, arrogant, sarcastic, quiet, loves taking risks, full of surprises and very unpredictable.

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