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Stamped Sky // Animals

Name: Myst

Previously stamped as: Sky (Regular), Frigg (Gods/Goddesses), Hibiscus (Flower), Platinum (Periodic Table), Whale (Underwater), Indigo (Colour), Meteor Shower (Natural Wonder), Circinus (Constellations), Water (Mirror), Oregano (Herbs), Griffin (Mythological Creatures), Curiosity (Emotions), Owl (Birds), Tundra (Ecosystem)

Five unstamped applications you have voted on:

When you're alone at home, what do you most often find yourself doing?: Writing or playing games.

How do you act in a confrontation? What role do you tend to play- observer, confronter, or the confronted?: I try to mediate if it's friends having a confrontation, but if I feel angry or upset with someone I won't hesitate to be a confronter.

Are you easily provoked?: Mostly, no. But once you poke at my pet peeves I will flip out.

What kind of area would you enjoy living in?: A library. :D

Are you a leader or a follower?: Second-in-command. I don't like being at the top of the chain of command, but I would HATE to be a flunky. I want my opinion heard.

What adjectives describe you?:

[ ] Sleek
[X] Elegant
[/] Wily
[X] Wise
[X] Observational
[ ] Outgoing
[ ] Colorful
[X] Loyal
[X] Curious
[/] Independent
[ ] Troublemaker
[/] Proud
[ ] Skittish
[X] Warm-hearted
[ ] Sneaky
[/] Cheerful

What activities would you do if you were an animal?: Sing a lot, fly around, explore places.

Would you rather fly, swim, or travel on ground?: DEFINITELY fly. Definitely.

When are you most active?: Evening or night. I love it when it's cooler.

Introverted or extroverted?: Introverted.

URL or thumbnail of pictures:

img src="" alt="" />

Tags: theme - animal - owl

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