Esmeralda V.E. Pedersen (esmeraldaa) wrote in elementals_,
Esmeralda V.E. Pedersen

Stamped Pond ~ Gods/Goddess Theme

Name: Esmeralda

Previously stamped as:
Regular: Pond
Mythological Creatures: Nymph
Mirror: Autumn
Landform: Coral Reef

Five unstamped applications you have voted on:

What are some of your positive adjectives?: Romantic, dreamer, passionate, creative and optimistic

What are some of your negative adjectives?: Emotional/sensitive, self-critical, insecure and stubborn

What is your favorite season(s)?: I love Spring. It is like the beginning of everything new. Everything starts growing again, beautiful flowers everywhere, birds lay eggs, animals have babies. Everything is alive again. I also love Autumn because of the changing colors of the leaves, I think its so beautiful.

What type of animal are you more attracted to? Exotic animals, I'm rather fond of wolves, raccoons and leopards. Especially leopards. I think they are intelligent and amazing animals. It has been my favourite animal since I can remember. My very first stuffed animal was a leopard. I got it when I was born and I still have it.

What element are you drawn to? Which one best represents you? I'm drawn to water and I think both water and earth represent me pretty well.

What is your most definable strength? I would say my optimism and I take pleasure in the simplest things.

What physical environment do you thrive in? What kind of weather?
Environment: Near the ocean/river/sea/lake, on a mountain or in a forest with lots of animals.
Weather: Not too hot and not too cold and I love when it rains. Nice warm, mild rain.

Twilight, dawn, or night? Dawn and Twilight

Which words appeal to you?

[x] Sun
[x] Night
[ ] Growth/Prosperity
[ ] Fire/Heat
[ ] Destruction
[x] Rain
[ ] Clouds
[x] Universe
[ ] Hearth
[x] Wisdom
[ ] Powerful

Photo URL or a physical description
Tags: theme - gods/goddesses - atanua

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