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Stamped as Twilight, Forest//Emotions Theme


Name: Lisa

Previously stamped as: Twilight and Forest (regular), Iodine (Periodic Table of Elements), Europe (Continents), Mermaid and Elf (Mythological Creatures)

Location: Seattle, WA

Positive Traits: bright, intelligent, perceptive, complex, witty, compassionate, cultured, unconventional, imaginative, creative, independent, opinionated, whimsical, passionate, non-petty

Negative Traits: reserved, withdrawn, cold, distant, self-centered, arrogant, stubborn, inflexible, brooding, indecisive, anxious, obsessive-compulsive, lazy, apathetic, lack of self-confidence, pessimistic, melancholy

Describe your personality (You can also include Myers-Briggs, iPersonic types): I'm a shy literary, art-loving type. I'm self-aware, sensitive, and understanding. I tend to be sympathetic about things that other people wouldn't. I'm pretty pensive, I have a sarcastic, dry wit and say whimsical things, I'm an idealist and most people would call me out of touch with reality, but I don't agree. :) My personality is kind of contradictory because I'm so confident in one way, I have such a strong self-awareness, but I'm so insecure with other people. All that confidence in myself just falls away when I'm facing the outside world. I'm strong and emotionally vulnerable at the same time. I think one thing that really sets me apart from other people is that I know who I am, and I stay true to that vision, no matter what. (I know everyone says that, but I really take it to extremes). I'm pretty laidback on the whole, but I can be intense and very argumentative, too. I like dark and edgy stuff; I'm an alternative culture junkie. I'm a perfectionist, and a bit neurotic. Most people describe me as very lucid/the voice of reason and also a little insane. I'm basically soft-hearted, very emotionally vulnerable, and sort of gritty at the same time.

Picture of yourself (URL or thumbnail):


Likes: Art, literature, movies, music, fashion, vintage stuff, cats (and animals in general), weird bits of obscure history, candy, etc.

Dislikes: Pettiness, smallmindedness, traditions, conventionalism, obsession with common definitions of success, bad taste, reality shows, lack of opinions, obnoxiously loud people/noises, nihilism, etc.

Hobbies: I like to read and write (well, I actually hate writing, but I do it anyway), watch movies, go to concerts, hang out in nature, etc. I basically like anything creative. I will do odd arts and crafts.

Favorite Place: Natural settings, like hilly land with a bunch of trees and foliage.


This or That

Optimistic or Pessimistic: Pessimistic (but optimistic about the world)
Shy or Social: Shy
Introverted or Extroverted: Introverted
Idealistic or Realistic: Idealistic
Dominant or Submissive: Mostly submissive, sometimes dominant (or at least refusing to comply)
Brave or Cautious: Cautious
Lover or Fighter: Lover
Home or Adventure: Home, but a bit of adventure also
Knowledge or Strength: Knowledge
Determined or Laid Back: Laidback


Choose one season:

[X] Autumn
[ ] Winter
[ ] Spring
[ ] Summer

What element are you drawn to? Which one best represents you?: I'm drawn to every element in some way but earth (because I see earth as being practical and concrete). I think water and fire best represent me, water because I'm calm, serene, and sort of self-contained/sufficient, I can go with the flow (but always remain anchored to myself), and I run deep. And fire because I'm passionate about my ideals, I'm very romantic, I tend to consume everything else when I'm bent on a tirade about something, and my emotions are easily provoked.

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