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Stamped Lightning // Emotions Theme


Name: Jo

Previously stamped as:
Regular - Lightning
Mythological Creature - Centaur

Location: Oklahoma, USA

Positive Traits: Intelligent, creative, witty, empathic, loyal, spiritual, open-minded, quick thinker

Negative Traits: Manipulative, egotistical, emotional, rude, anti-social, overly sarcastic and critical.

Describe your personality (You can also include Myers-Briggs, iPersonic types):
I'm a highly selective individual that appears first as a shy, self-conscious person but turns out to be sharp-tongued, funny, and yet egotisical female. I'm indecisive until the very last minute. I am smart and expect others to be as well, or at least for them to attempt to become intelligent, otherwise I will most likely ignore them. I'm loyal and defensive of my friends to a degree that startles some people, as I don't generally show care towards those that aren't in my select group of friends and accepted family. However, despite this, I tend to show a happy and caring disposition in situations that call for it, such as at work or university.

And for those who like astrology: I'm a Pisces, with my moon sign being Ares. In Celtic astrology my sign is the Ash tree. In Chinese, I'm an Ox. And in Egyptian astrology, my sign is Geb, who is the God of the Earth.

Picture of yourself (URL or thumbnail):
oh, hey, it's me!


Likes: Writing, reading, drawing, meditation, the colors green and brown, the Internet, shopping, dancing, books, animals, computers, video games (final fantasy is total love).

Dislikes: Most people, the sun, hair spray, people who stalk my friends, my nicotine cravings, the heat, stupidity

Hobbies: Writing my novel/short stories/fanfiction, reading fanfiction & urban fantasy, learning, sleeping, making fun of stupid crap, collecting books.

Favorite Place: After much thought, I'm going to have to say a park that I used to live next to. My best friend and I spent nearly every night there for two years. We even used to have our holiday rituals on the basketball quart!


This or That

Optimistic or Pessimistic: Pessimistic.
Shy or Social: Anti-social, but I come across as shy.
Introverted or Extroverted: Introverted.
Idealistic or Realistic: Idealistic.
Dominant or Submissive: This is a tricky one. For the most part, I'm submissive, but as my best friend aptly puts it: I'm a dom-sub, meaning I'm only submissive around those that I feel deserve to be graced with my submissive nature. Total contradiction, I know.
Brave or Cautious: Cautious, I let others go first.
Lover or Fighter: Both, but I lean towards Lover.
Home or Adventure: Home.
Knowledge or Strength: Knowledge is strength.
Determined or Laid Back: Laid back.


Choose one season:

[x] Autumn
[ ] Winter
[ ] Spring
[ ] Summer

What element are you drawn to? Which one best represents you?: I am most drawn to Earth, as it is my element in magical workings as a practicing witch and I'm not happy unless I'm surrounded by trees. The earth element is what I'm most attuned with, but I come across at first as a water element type if all you're looking at is personality. Most of my closest friends say I'm earth at my core, though.

Post an image of something that you like:

Post the links five unstamped applications you voted for:

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