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stamped as summer&wind / EMOTIONS THEME!


Name: Laura

Previously stamped as: Summer & Wind

Location: Italy

Positive Traits: Friend,y adventurous, determined, loyal, honest, confident

Negative Traits: lazy, impulsive, critical, pessimistic, sarcastic

Describe your personality (You can also include Myers-Briggs, iPersonic types): I'm an ENFP. ENFP s are energetic and enthusiastic leaders who are likely to take charge when a new endeavor needs a visionary spokesperson. ENFPs are values-oriented people who become champions of causes and services relating to human needs and dreams. Their leadership style is one of soliciting and recognizing others' contributions and of evaluating the personal needs of their followers. ENFPs are often charismatic leaders who are able to help people see the possibilities beyond themselves and their current realities.

Picture of yourself (URL or thumbnail): (here)


Likes: Reading, writing, cats, animals, video games, traveling, my friends, music, chocolate, hanging out with my friends, the internet

Dislikes: Close-minded people, trains, waking up early, homework, rain, mediocrity, liars, spiders, discrimination, ignorance

Hobbies: reading, videogames, hanging out with my friends

Favorite Place: Near the sea


This or That

Optimistic or Pessimistic: I'm very pessimistic, I always expect the worst. I know being pessimistic isn't a good thing but I can't really help myself
Shy or Social: I'm not shy and to be honest I don't like overly shy people much, I've dated an introverted guy once and.. it was a mess. I mean, he doesn't talk at all and I end up saying random things to avoid awkward moments. This is something I can't really stand.
Introverted or Extroverted: Extroverted
Idealistic or Realistic: Somewhere in between
Dominant or Submissive: Dominant, I have very strong ideas and opinions and the problem is that I don't like to be submissive
Brave or Cautious: Brave
Lover or Fighter: A bit of both
Home or Adventure: Adventure
Knowledge or Strength: Knowledge
Determined or Laid Back: I think I'm very determined. When I set my mind on something I usually get it, because I see nothing but my goal and I'm not satisfied until it's done and failure is not an option


Choose one season:

[ ] Autumn
[ ] Winter
[ ] Spring
[x] Summer

What element are you drawn to? Which one best represents you?: I think I'm a mix of Fire and Wind

Post an image of something that you like:

Post the links five unstamped applications you voted for:

Tags: theme - emotions - curiosity

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