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Stamped as Sky//Parasites Theme



Previously stamped as:
Regular: Sky
Periodic Table of the Elements Theme: Potassium
Herb Theme: Sage
Flowers II Theme: Forsythia
Natural Disaster Theme: Flood
Solar System Theme: Moon
Flower Theme: Heather
Rock/Gemstone Theme: Obsidian
Animal Theme: Eagle

Location: US

Positive Traits:Intelligent, kind, caring, hardworking, dedicated, compassionate, levelheaded, even-tempered, considerate, persistent, responsible, pleasant, funny (so I've been told), logical

Negative Traits:Occasionally shy, timid, lacking in self-confidence. Stubborn, spacey. My temper can be quite volcanic if you push me far enough.
Irritable at certain times.

Pictures (URLs or thumbnails):


When is your favorite time of day?: Early afternoon

Choose two words that appeal to you most:

[ ] Chaos
[ ] Individual
[ ] Permanent
[x] Health
[x] Stability

What is your preferred environment and climate?:
Environment: Forest; somewhere green
Climate: Temperate, not too hot or cold, not too humid, no severe weather.


How do you act in a confrontation or in an intense situation?:I try to deal with it calmly and rationally. Getting angry or overly emotional never helps.

Do you adapt well to change, or are your resistant?: I generally adapt well. Unless it's a change I strongly disagree with; in that case, I can be quite stubborn.

How would your friends describe you?: Quiet, sweet, smart, nice, geeky

What is something really annoying about you?: I don't always speak my mind. I can also be pretty spacey.

It's tough to be a bug non-human

What is one exotic place that you would live if you were a bug?: Hmmm.. a rainforest in South or Central America.

Describe what you would look like: Since this is the parasite theme: Very, very strange.

Would you live in one particular spot, or be more scattered around the world?: Scattered around the world.

How would you survive?: I can survive on pretty much anything. I'm resourceful.

What time of the day would you be active, or would be not be limited?: No limits :)

What would your strength be?: Stealth. You'll never know I'm there. (Seriously, I'm often that way in real life)

Storytime! Give us a story of how you would capture your prey. Use as many details as you want! Please refer to the story of the Trojan Horse.
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