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Stamped as forest // Animals

1. Name: Pavel

2. Previously stamped as: Forest

3. When you're alone at home, what do you most often find yourself doing? Reading, playing computer games, listen music.

4. How do you act in a confrontation? What role do you tend to play- observer, confronter, or the confronted? Observer with confronted vibe.

5. Are you easily provoked? No, I think.

6. What kind of area would you enjoy living in? Light forest at the hills, with open spaces.

7. Are you a leader or a follower? Neither. I can act with group, but I am never in group.

8. What adjectives describe you?

[ ] Sleek
[ ] Elegant
[ ] Wily
[x] Wise
[x] Observational
[ ] Outgoing
[ ] Colorful
[x] Loyal
[x] Curious
[x] Independent
[ ] Troublemaker
[ ] Proud
[ ] Skittish
[x] Warm-hearted
[ ] Sneaky
[ ] Cheerful

9. What activities would you do if you were an animal? Exploring area. I am very curios :).

10. Would you rather fly, swim, or travel on ground? Fly.

11. When are you most active? Night and dawn (latter - if I still not sleeping, then it comes :) ).

12. Introverted or extroverted? Introverted.

13. Post your picture(s) here or a description.

Tags: theme - animal - owl

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