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stamped as summer // underwater theme

Name: Nicole
Previously stamped as:
Summer (Main)
Thyme (Herb)
Rain (Mirror of the Elements)
Tulip (Flower I)
Beech (Tree)
Sagittarius (Zodiac)
Andromeda (Constellations)

1. What are some of your positive adjectives?: Funny, kind, open-minded, genuine, romantic, loyal, laidback, passionate, compassionate
2. What are some of your negative adjectives?: Impatient, quick-tempered, lazy, selfish, stubborn
3. Are you easily provoked? Er....yes haha.
4. Introverted or extroverted? Extroverted
5. What is a recognizable physical attribute of yours? My eyes. Everyone says that I have really pretty eyes and at the risk of sounding vain, I have to agree haha. I just think they're cool because they change colors depending on what I wear, the weather, or just whenever they want to haha.
6. Do you prefer peace or destruction and the risk of danger? Peace, of course!
7. What is your favorite season(s)?: Autumn
8. What are your likes?: Harry Potter, music, politics, reading, stamping, spending time with family and friends
9. What are your dislikes?: Intolerance, ignorance, prejudice, arrogance, Miley Cyrus, Kristen Stewart
10. Are you more stationary or mobile? Stationary haha.
11. What irritates or annoys you? What tends to relax you? All the things I listed on my dislikes, slow drivers, the sound of people coughing, hypocrites, losing at something. I get very easily relaxed by music. Whenever I'm feeling stressed I just go listen to some Van Morrison or something and I calm down right away haha.
12. Post your picture(s) here or a description.
Tags: theme - underwater - mermaid

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