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stamped as thunder // zodiac theme =)

1. Name: Savannah
2. Previously stamped as:
[regular] thunder
[natural disaster] blizzard
[planet] neptune
[solar system] star
3. What are some of your positive character traits?: funny, wacky/silly, independent, understanding, accepting, honest
4. What are some of your negative character traits?: mean, majorly sarcastic, pessimisitic, uncaring, blunt
5. What element do you relate to the most? fire
6. What would be your role in a party or social setting?: im the person that sits in the back and bobs her head while eating all the chicken
7. Idealism or realism?: realism
8. What is your ideal career choice?: singer..a famous on preferebly hahah. but i mean, i also wana be on broadway and be a forensic scientist so we'll see. those are my top three lmao
9. Are you more scientifically or artistically gifted?: i like to sing..whether or not im gifted is up th person who hears me
10. In what academic subjects do/did you succeed in?: history, choir, and NORMALLY science but effin earth science is screwing me up haha. OH YES! i succeed in lunch everyday =)
11. Check what words/ideas attract you:

[ ] Spirituality
[ ] Solitude
[X] Challenges
[ ] Taking charge
[X] Strength of will
[ ] True love
[ ] Peace
[ ] Nature
[X] Changes

12. This or that:

Dominant or submissive: dominant! i dont take crap
Emotional or detached: detached
Cautious or reckless: cautious
Introverted or extroverted: both depending on my mood that day. but im generally the healthy mix
Patient or impatient: impatient hahah
Compassionate or just: just. i dont care if its harsh. you get what you deserve =)
Unpredictable or predictable: i think im pretty predictable?

13. Pictures (optional) or description, please
i dont feel like it rn..and i mean, youve seen me enough on here i think hahah
Tags: theme - western zodiac - aries

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