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Stamped As Fire // Western Zodiac Sign Theme

1. Name: Silver
2. Previously stamped as: Fire [Regular]
3. What are some of your positive character traits?: competitive, driven, passionate, hard-working, independent, energetic, intelligent, intuitive, idealistic, direct, "dynamic" (according to friends), assertive, moral and conscientious, adventurous
4. What are some of your negative character traits?: explosive, violent, envious/BIG inferiority complex, perfectionist, over-competitive, tactless, too serious, abrasive, selfish, illogical, inarticulate, attention-seeking, childish at times, both indecisive AND impulsive, over-confrontational, poke-the-tiger-in-the-eye, socially defective, shameless when angry (will make a scene), ruled by emotions, mood swings, easily offended, demanding, naive, procrastination, prone to obsession, prone to fantasy
5. What element do you relate to the most? Fire, definitely. I can relate to its energy and drive and, on the negative side, its explosiveness. For proof, see my regular stamp =D
6. What would be your role in a party or social setting?: The one screwing it all up. The one who wants to be at the center of attention [among friends] (FINE, I admit it) but doesn't have the social skills to even maintain a coherent situation so probably ends up storming off on her own. No, really, large social settings ARE NOT MY THING. Somehow, if you get more than 4-5 people around me, I automatically turn into a nuke. 1-on-1 or a group of 3? Great, we're all together and having fun. More than that? I start breaking down for some reason.
7. Idealism or realism?: IDEALISM. Seriously, reality is overrated. Okay, I mean, yeah, you have to live in it, but how can you REALLY make an impact without dreaming? Idealists are the visionaries and revolutionaries who change the world. Why let reality limit you?
8. What is your ideal career choice?: I have a few, actually. I want to be a doctor, so I can cure cancer. Besides, it would be a really interesting job where each day was different, and I'd have to be up and on my feet. My every action would have real effects on people. But part of me also wants to be a field ecologist (something like that), because I'm such a nature addict and I'd LOVE to spend my days out in the wild studying wildlife. I've also dreamed of being a journalist. I mean, come on, who DOESN'T want a job where they have to travel and delve into new realms and cultures for a living?
9. Are you more scientifically or artistically gifted?: Scientifically by practice, although I think I have a lot of untapped artistic talent. I've always been a very imaginative child (seriously, how can a person who creates WHOLE WORLDS in their minds be UNIMAGINATIVE), and when I was a kid, my favorite thing to do was draw, but unfortunately, as I grew up, this artistic inclination was never nurtured. Instead, I was steered more and more towards the sciences - in which I also excelled, because apparently I actually CAN think logically when it comes to science. Now, my primary career choices are mostly scientific in nature.
10. In what academic subjects do/did you succeed in?: To be quite honest? Just about all of them. Not trying to show off or anything here - heck, I find it a source of embarrassment that I'm SO good at all of this. But out of those, I guess my strongest are math (well, not calculus though, but up to it at least) and science. English is without a doubt my weakest - well, the reading part at least. I can't analyze literature at all, but I'm apparently very good at writing.
11. Check what words/ideas attract you:

[ ] Spirituality
[/] Solitude
[x] Challenges
[x] Taking charge
[x] Strength of will
[x] True love
[ ] Peace
[x] Nature
[x] Changes
(Shoot, did I check too many? -____-)

12. This or that:

Dominant or submissive: I'm actually quite dominant, even though I don't really see myself that way. I'm not submissive at ALL, unless I agree 110% that you're right (and even then, sometimes, I disagree just because I'm stubborn *facepalm*) In group projects, I can become dominant as hell, especially if I get put under stress and things aren't measuring up to my expectations.
Emotional or detached: Emotional, very emotional, even though the emotions aren't really teary-teary emotions as much as ... punchy-punchy emotions. I can't separate my heart from my head in ANYTHING, and this causes SO MANY PROBLEMS especially when I start to take things too personally.
Cautious or reckless: I'm cautious when it comes to schoolwork and that kind of stuff(because I MUST BE THE BEST, RIGHT?), but outside of that I'm kind of reckless.
Introverted or extroverted: Introverted definitely. While in social situations I might as well be an extrovert, I get drained after several hours, which is the mark of an introvert. I'm capable of enjoying individual activities without feeling lonely.
Patient or impatient: Depends on my mood. I CAN be patient in like waiting in lines (... okay, maybe I can't, but I"ll wait anyways), and I don't have too much of a problem waiting for other people - I mean, I can whittle time away with my head. A lot of the time, though, I AM very impatient. I dislike waiting for stuff, expect immediate returns, and expect everyone to be with me. I don't have much patience for explaining anything either.
Compassionate or just: Compassionate, I think. A tough one.
Unpredictable or predictable: Unpredictable, definitely. Mostly in my moods, and definitely one of weak points. People around me never know if I"m going to be friendly and energetic, or aloof and distant, or cynical or bitchy, or irritated and explosive.

13. Pictures (optional) or description, please
You probably can't see, but I have a small scar beneath my nose. I used to have a distinctive birthmark/mole/whatever (people I hadn't seen in 5 years recognized me by that -_-), but it was getting dangerously large, so it had to be removed. Um, I'm really short as well. My hair is pretty wavy, you just can't tell. It's absolutely nuts if I let it down.
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