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Stamped as Spring ~*~ Mirror Image of the Elements RESTAMP


Name: Queenie

Previously stamped as:
Spring (regular)
Frigg (goddess)
Pink (color)
Cherry Blossom (flower)
Rose Quartz (gemstone)
Cave and Lightning (mirror)
Sunny & Clear (forecast)
Cirrostratus (cloud)
Ocean (water bodies)
Oceanic Trench (landforms)
Venus (planet)
Cat (animal)
Willow (tree)
Scorpio & Aries (zodiac)
Basil (herb)

Location: college


1. What colors do you normally wear?: Black and light pink.

2. How would you describe your day-to-day style?: Graphic tees with either jeans or a skirt and tights. Since it's winter, I wear a hoodie often.

3. Do you have a favorite accessory or piece of clothing?: I love skirts and funky tights like liquid leggings. I also like lacy, black fingerless gloves.

4. At least three pictures (URLs or thumbnails) and/or a thorough description:

Tags: theme - mirror image - night

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