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Stamped as Spring ~*~ Zodiac Theme (RESTAMP)

Stamped as Cancer last time.

1. Name: Queenie
2. Previously stamped as: Spring (regular), Frigg (goddess), Pink (color), Cherry Blossom (flower), Rose Quartz (gemstone), Cancer (zodiac), Cave and Lightning (mirror), Sunny & Clear (forecast), Cirrostratus (cloud), Ocean (water bodies), Oceanic Trench (landforms), Venus (planet), Cat (animal), Willow (tree)
3. What are some of your positive character traits?: Imaginative, Romantic, Passionate, Sincere, Optimistic, Innocent, Open-Minded, Diplomatic
4. What are some of your negative character traits?: Emotional, Sensitive, Obsessive, Impatient, Vain, Anti-Social
5. What element do you relate to the most? A tie between Time and Water. I represent Time because I am very nostalgic. People I'm close to know that the past and memories play an important role in my life. I also think about the future too much. I think I am a lot like Water because it can be calm and playful, gentle and rough (when things aren't going good), and is ever changing like me.
6. What would be your role in a party or social setting?: At a party I'm usually bouncy and can have a lot of energy especially when music is involved. In a social setting, I usually keep to myself unless I feel comfortable with the people.
7. Idealism or realism?: Realism, but it's okay to daydream about the idealism.
8. What is your ideal career choice?: Novelist and homemaker.
9. Are you more scientifically or artistically gifted?: Artistically
10. In what academic subjects do/did you succeed in?: Creative writing and any English course. I've also been told I'm good at philosophy.
11. Check what words/ideas attract you:

[ ] Spirituality
[ ] Solitude
[ ] Challenges
[x] Taking charge
[x] Strength of will
[x] True love
[x] Peace
[x] Nature
[ ] Changes

12. This or that:

Dominant or submissive: Dominant
Emotional or detached: Emotional
Cautious or reckless: Cautious
Introverted or extroverted: Introverted
Patient or impatient: Impatient
Compassionate or just: In between, but I think I lean more towards compassionate.
Unpredictable or predictable: More predictable though sometimes I will do unpredictable things.

13. Pictures (optional) or description, please

Tags: theme - western zodiac - aries, theme - western zodiac - scorpio

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