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Of Nature.

Name: Blue.
Age: Teens.
Location: Halfway under my blanket trying to pass the time for something. *glances around*
Likes: The arts, accomplishing things, denim jackets, boots, scarves, loud music as long as it's the kind I like, ambient light, liesure time, coffee and tea, chocolate, sashimi, spiders, sharkies, birds, rain, fireworks, time spent either alone or with close friends, being able to show off a bit.
Dislikes: Tedious or dull work, interruption, screwing up, harsh light, noise pollution, obnoxious people, punishment, unnecessary/unconstructive criticism, being tested, being placed under pressure, having my space or privacy invaded, not being listened to, not having my side of a story heard, being told I'm not (stereotypically) feminine enough.
Positive adjectives to describe yourself: Extremely intelligent/creative, a talented actress/artist, highly loyal but independent, willing to keep secrets, devoted and passionate when it comes to what truly matters to me, willing to stick up for myself, my friends, and my beliefs, oddly charismatic to certain kinds of people.
Negative adjectives to describe yourself: Narcissistic, vain, paranoid, self-centered, highly ill-tempered, moody, stubborn, opinionated, cynical, somewhat creepy/intimidating to those who aren't oddly drawn to me, apathetic and motivated about whatever doesn't seriously stay important to me, obsessive and able to get a little too into what actually does, perfectionistic, overly detail-focused, spiteful, competitive, rather reclusive, socially awkward, untrusting, unable to just let things go, either too secretive or too blunt, impatient with a short attention span.
Hobbies & Interests: I'm in a beginning band with friends as the bassist - we'd probably be further along if I weren't still just learning. Aside from that, acting, writing, drawing, anything relating to music, I used to dance, cosplay (my specialty being crossplay).
Optional Pictures- URL, thumbnail, or description: I'm 'bout five and a half feet tall with embarrassingly broad shoulders and a somewhat androgynous build for my gender but decent curves, my eyes and hair are similar shades of dark brown, I'm a glasses-wearer and have a love-hate relationship with that fact (if I don't think I'm going to need the things and I look better in whatever I'm wearing without them, they're off), hair is in a bob about shoulder-length and gets increasingly wavy towards the ends, parted off to the side and with a strawberry blonde streak left behind by dye. An frequently-noted, almost trademark smirk. I dress in mostly darkish colors with a liking for accessories.


Color: Blue, purple, monochrome.
Movie: West Side Story.
Music: Garbage, Billy Talent, Tegan and Sara, the Shiny Toy Guns, AFI, MCR, the Killers, Pink Floyd, the Ramones, Queen, Stabbing Westward, Alanis Morissette.
Novel: In general, I tend to enjoy Stephen King.
Animal: Spiders, specifically the zebra tarantula. I tend to associate them with myself.
Fragrance/Scent: Rain.

"If this is a coronation, I ain't feeling the love."

This or That

Optimistic or Pessimistic: Cynicism and paranoia lend to pessimism.
Realist or Idealist: Probably more of an idealist, the same way I tend towards the arts. I place a lot of focus on the mind.
Light or Dark: Darkness, mostly by association. XD I prefer cold to heat and dark colors to bright ones. And plus I'm more of a night owl than a morning person and have overly element-sensitive eyes. *headdesk*
Introverted or Extroverted: Introverted.
Calm or Chaos: It reeeeally depends. I come across as reserved, though my moods and thoughts can get pretty chaotic.
Intuition or Logic: Another thing that seriously depends. I'm capable of being very logical and have always prided myself on intelligence, but I'm motivated strongly by my feelings and drives.

Hopes, dreams, wishes for the present and future: I want to live life to its fullest and happiest, simple as that, preferably with friends and possibly in the future a significant other at my side. There's so much I want to do with my life.
What is your ultimate dream to achieve?: To be a successful artist of some kind, preferably musician, though I'd also like to be an actress or a writer.
What is the greatest lesson you have learned?:
Something you admire/love/respect: Appreciation for the obscure, also true integrity.
Something you detest greatly: Obnoxiousness/absolute lack of taste, especially when others nearby act like it's hilarious and therefore encourage it.
If you could have one "supernatural" power, what would it be?: Oyy where do I start. Something that could be customized/played around with... I've thought shapeshifting would be neat ever since I was a kid and yet electrokinesis or something sound (or by extension, music)-based would be interesting.
Where do you feel most at home?: Either on a spotlit stage or in my room on a rainy afternoon. Preferably showered, with music playing, and with something along the lines of coffee with me.
Do you have any creative talents?: Several. I'm a good actress, again, and people have complimented my singing and my writing. I also like sketching and I used to dance.
Where is your favourite place to be, and why? See the "Where do you feel most at home" answer.

Et cetera
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