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Stamped // Continent Theme


Name: Trixcy

Previously stamped as:

} Autumn
} Virgo/Capricorn
} Pegasus: The Winged Horse
} Elm Tree
} Cumulonimbus
} Ocean
} Mountain

Location: Southeast Asia

Positive Traits: Prideful. Confident. Focused. Strong principles. Determined. Competitive. Calm. Laid-back. Resourceful.

Negative Traits: Ruthless. Selfish. Unforgiving. Obstinate.

Pictures (URLs or thumbnails): n/a


1. What is one country that you would like to visit?: I'd love to go to Denmark! One of them, at least. I also want to go to Russia or Germany.

2. What kind of activities would you do there?: Live there for awhile. I'll do everything I want to do, get to know the people, the culture, the statues and landmarks. I'll be sight-seeing like crazy in the first week or so. Not sure if I want to work there but it'd be nice to be able to stay long. I'd want to see those serene sparkling lakes and beautiful towns and just what kind of cities it has.

3. What would be your form of transportation?: Walking, train, a sports car.

4. Why would you go to that particular country?: Because I want to? Because I want to see all these beautiful things they're known for. I'm sure they're breathtaking and I'd have a lot of fun there.


5. Do you prefer a small town, country, or urban lifestyle?: Urban lifestyle all out. I'm okay with small little pretty towns, I'm quite in love with that kind of setting, but I will not be cut off from technology of any kind.

6. What kind of weather do you enjoy most? (Select one):

[X] Cold ♥
[ ] Hot
[ ] Overcast
[X] Sunny
[ ] Rainy

7. Describe your ideal day-to-day life: I'd wake up early in the morning, have breakfast, out and greet the sunshine and the morning air, maybe play tennis or jog, take a shower, went out, meet some friends or solve some business matters, depending on what day it is. Have meal slightly before noon, then get back to work, or go out again and attend some other matters. Night time, probably eat out and spend some time with people, movies or functions. And on some days I'll do visits and interesting things, attend classes, help out with something, go overseas, maybe take a fun part-time job and what-not.

8. What are your hobbies and interests?: tennis, chess, manga, anime, doujinshi, greek mythology, ancient civilizations, rose species, ball-jointed dolls, alchemy, existentialism, languages, learning something new


9. Food: Sushi! Steak, honey-roasted chicken, lamb chop, corn/crabmeat soup, anything meaty and well-cooked.

10. Music: Shinedown, Nickelback, Lifehouse, Hoobastank, A Change of Pace, Disturbed, Paramore, Creed, Pink, Cascada, UVERworld, L.MC, Finger Eleven, Within Temptation

11. Movies: Troy, King Arthur, Alexander, Kingdom of Heaven, Dark Knight, Gladiator

12. Books: Abhorsen, Wheel of Time, Discworld, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, Old Empire trilogy, Belgariad and Mallorean, Intellectuals, anything by Neil Gaiman

Tags: theme - continents - north america

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