Dana (piyo_halliwell) wrote in elementals_,

"Of Nature"

Name: Dana or Piyo
Likes: hanging out with friends, chillin' out in my room, picking up a good book or listening to a fav. film score, being able to be the dork I know I am
Dislikes: anger, lack of manners, forcefulness
Hopes, dreams, wishes for the future or present: My life seems to be constantly tossing and turning, so I'd love for a bit of peace and quiet. I hope to find myself and find out where I'm going and what I'm meant to do.
Hobbies: reading, writing, drawing, music
Some of your better qualities/talents: loyalty, determination, my sense of humor, easy going
Some of your worse traits: shy, lazy, tempermental, pessimistic
Something you admire/love/respect: honesty
Something you detest greatly: the lack of respect
Five words to describe you: friendly, moody, quiet, misunderstood, funny
If you could have one "supernatural" power, what would it be?: the ability to stop time; I don't need to control it, just be able to stop it when need be.
Where do you feel most at home?: when I am alone in my room with the things I love, or with either my friends or my mom
Where did find this community?: a friend of mine was a member
pic of me
Tags: stamped - regular - mountain

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