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of nature


Name: Catie
Likes: singing, music, writing, playing piano, faeries, long mermaid hair, nature, butterflies!, dancing, glitter and rhinestones, sugar highs, staying up all night, literature, psychology, coffee and tea, daydreaming, trinkets, cloud watching and stargazing, musicals
Dislikes: closed mindedness, consistency/predictability, really hot weather, arrogance and ignorance, attention seekers, stubborness.
Hopes, dreams, wishes for the future or present: find myself and embrace her instead of copying off others, impact someone's life positively, become a well-known singer/songwriter.
Hobbies: singing, writing, piano, drawing, web/graphic design, reading.
Some of your better qualities/talents: creative, deep thinker/conceptual, open minded, versatile, good memory of the past, kind.
Some of your worse traits: impatient, easily confused/distracted (i tend to make things harder than they need to be), forgetful of names/dates/plans/other things that are going to happen in the future.
Something you admire/love/respect: Modesty even when the person is amazing at what their doing. I also admire creativity and originality
Something you detest greatly: Arrogance and people who just believe themselves to be above everyone else.
Five words to describe you: random, whimsical, shy, artistic, musical.
If you could have one "supernatural" power, what would it be?: to read minds. the thoughts of others fascinate me and i would love to see different people's views on different situations with no censor.
Where do you feel most at home?: at the piano.
Where did find this community?: interest search

Tags: stamped - regular - river, stamped - regular - sky

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