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Stamped // Continents Theme



Previously stamped as: Mountain, Lilac, Lapis Lazuli, Gas Giant, Earthquake, Dog, Purge Sound, Waves, Indigo & Sapphire, Neptune, Teranis, Capricorn, Delphinus (The Dolphin) and Orion (The Hunter), Sea (Mirror Theme)

Location: Bulgaria

Positive Traits: Strong-minded, stubborn, trustworthy, honest, determined, loyal, protective, diplomatic, open minded, social, prudent and may be just.

Negative Traits:Stubborn, mistrustful, cruel (when someone really provokes me)

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1. What is one country that you would like to visit?: China. Or may be Japan and India

2. What kind of activities would you do there?: I'll go to see every single place and I'll make photos. I'll meet new people and we have fun

3. What would be your form of transportation?: To go there- with plane. And when I arrive there-with every thing from which I can see everything

4. Why would you go to that particular country?: Because that is a dream of mine. I've always wanted to see China (or Japan and India), because of the culture, history and ...spirit. And because I think that will be interesting journey to one of the most interesting and amazing countries in the world


5. Do you prefer a small town, country, or urban lifestyle?: Urban lifestyle, because I like around to me to be a cacophony. I like to see and meet people and I can't "grow" in a place which is quite, life is peaceful and is not so intensive.

6. What kind of weather do you enjoy most? (Select one):

[ ] Cold
[ ] Hot
[ ] Overcast
[x] Sunny plus a breeze and some cloud
[ ] Rainy

7. Describe your ideal day-to-day life: Woke up. Drink a coffee. Go to work and then go to see my friends and funny with them. When I'm not at work it's great to travel in Bulgaria with a few friends.

8. What are your hobbies and interests?: I love anime and manga (especially works of Yamane Ayano). I like also astronomy,archeology, astrology, soccer and volleyball, martial arts (especially tae kwon do), mythology, nicholas cage, samurai, fantasy, swords, submarines, sail ships and sea. I like to read things about dragons, elves and spirits.


9. Food: Pizz, pasta, chinese and some of bulgarian kitchen

10. Music: Queen, Nightwish, Blind guardian, Raphsody (or I like Ethno, Rock, Heavy Metall, Asian)

11. Movies: Star Wars, Star Trek, lord of the rings, Transformers

12. Books: The three musketeers, Shogun

Tags: theme - continents - asia, theme - continents - north america

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