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Stamped // Continents Theme

Warning: Sorry if I'm a bit ranty. XD But I guess you have to read it.

Name: Zuks
Previously stamped as: Twilight (regular) Jungle (Mirror)
Location: NEUSA
Positive Traits: Stubborn, quiet, arrogant, defensive, passive-aggressive, spacey, perpetually odd, awkward, anti-social, emotionally sensitive, lazy, undermotivated, pack-rat, unorganized, messy, and dreamishly unrealistic.
Negative Traits: Peaceful, optimistic, friendly, generally respectful to others, loyal to friends, does work in school ("in" in the literallest sense), desire to learn personally meaningful information, desire to learn the thoughts and opinions of others, tends to prefer to give others the benefit of the doubt, believes strongly in equality and likes to work on an even playing field with others, and cares for family despite an underlying resentment of them.
Pictures (URLs or thumbnails): Super-recent with my new haircut!

1. What is one country that you would like to visit?: Japan. There's just so much culture there (and pop culture there!), and I'm really into the art and subculture scenes. I'd love to see it all in person.
2. What kind of activities would you do there?: I'd do some shopping, but really I'd love to see some galleries and museums there. I'd love to go to the Ghibli Museum - talk about childhood come to life! I'd also love to go to the amusement parks - I really love thrill rides, and it'd be amazing to see all the different kinds of things they'd have there, too. Most of all, I'd go hunting down the underground scenes and snapping pictures - I wanna go to an awesome J-rock concert! - and I want to, if I can, somehow, try and meet some mangaka. It'd be the coolest thing to meet one and shake hands and be like, this is amazing, and d'you know that I grew up on your work?
3. What would be your form of transportation?: I want to try riding the train, even though they're supposed to be uncomfortably crowded.
4. Why would you go to that particular country?: The art, the culture, pop-culture, sub-culture, music, and a bit the language. It's a totally different place and I think it'd be awesome to check out the place that so much stuff that inspires me comes from.

5. Do you prefer a small town, country, or urban lifestyle?: I'm a suburban girl, but I'm never uncomfortable in the city. I don't mind the hubbub or the rush, and I can kind of brush off the crowdedness - it just seems like there's always something new to discover in the city. You can find inspiration in the nooks in the pavement there, you know? I can't stand the country or small towns where things go same old same old fast - I need constant discovery to fuel my curious side and keep me inspired and motivated.
6. What kind of weather do you enjoy most? (Select one):
[ ] Cold
[x] Hot
[x] Overcast
[x] Sunny
[x] Rainy
Basically, I just don't like the cold. For some reason I like to burn in the sun and stuff or something, I don't even know. I hate the feeling of a shiver or goosebumps, right?
7. Describe your ideal day-to-day life: Wake up late. Stretch. Lay in bed a little while longer. Pop on the computer and check up on my things. Spend some time in introspection, doing whatever - rawking out to music and thinkin' or something. Get myself pumped and inspired and go do something. Lose track of the time, eat a little bit of something, stand under a steamy hot shower and lose track of time again, and go and chill on the couch for a while and let myself soak a bit, and then maybe pop on something half presentable and go out exploring before winding down on the computer, chatting up with my friends, writing out a bit (or a lot) and going to bed not falling asleep until the early morning hours with all my reflections buzzing in my head of the day that just went on and the one that's to come.
8. What are your hobbies and interests?: I like art... I draw, paint, sculpt, and write... but I also really enjoy watching movies and listening to music. Telling stories and drawing people are my favorite things... I'm the kind that doesn't like to talk, but I like to just 'observe' everyone else you know? (Life drawing would be a dream!) I also think clothes are really interesting, too, but I don't really take much interest in dressing myself... I really like subculture fashion that's like a child's dress-up fantasy come to life... it's like the clothes are their own fairytale and it's really deep and really cool. I also kind of like languages, too, but it's more casual for me... I'm not a studious person who likes to fork in information... I'm pretty much a slow slug of a person most of the time. Expressing myself is the only time I really get intense. Any form of it I'm interested and I just dive into my own world. It's just hard to find the inspiration and the motivation boxed up in the same old where I am right now. I need a little freedom to flow.

9. Food: Japanese Food (haha another reason), sea food, Grains/breadly food, Tiramisu, sweets, coffee, mints, and savory meats. Basically I like things that are either really bland, a candy or a meat. Foods I don't like I'm kind of a super-hater against. XD I can't take food that's done me wrong or displeased me more than once. I'm a picky eater with a stomach weaker and more awkward than my relationship with my family.
10. Music: I mostly like J-rock, but recently I've tried to listen to more 'Western' stuff cause I don't want to be close minded about music. I really like Japanese rock, pop, bubblegum rap, and anime theme music (sorry for my dorkwad). My favorite bands are L'Arc~en~Ciel, Nightmare, Do As Infinity, Siam Shade, Pierrot/Angelo, and Boom Boom Satellites (are they a band?) and solo I like Hyde, Miyavi, hide, and Nana Kitade. For English language stuff, I listen to a bit of Queen (because how can you not like Queen?) Evanescence (because who doesn't like a little bit of them, too?) and occasionally a bit of Green Day or Fall Out Boy because... why not? Catchy beats, man. Oh... you can add in + I think the German language was kind of invented for industrial rock. The two just go together, right? Basically, happy, sad, slow, fast, loud, quiet, I like pretty much anything that's not country and has a bit of power and weakness mixed in... good singing is good, yeah? But I love it when a voice cracks or when syll.a.bles. are their own words or they stutter or they scream or go waaay of pitch and don't care but it's still in beat and tune somehow. I like stuff that rocks in ways like that, you don't even notice sometimes. Anything with a tad bit of edge, sound wise, and then lyrics that aren't barely-concealed sex tapes put to music.
11. Movies: Aliens, since it's my first rated R, and triples as a great alien movie, a great monster movie, and a great heroine lead movie. I loved Serenity (browncoat here), and Pan's Labyrinth was definitely supremely cool. I'm kind of a sucker for M. Night Shyamalan movies, which I tend to love even if they're lacking in story/plot/normally important things because that man's got style and artistry a lot of other directors don't have the guts to even pretend to have, and I tend to like Tim Burton movies, although I haven't seen half of them and I'm not a big Burtonite - I do tend to enjoy them. Oh yeah, and I love Evil Dead II / Army of Darkness. I don't care, you can't argue with me - "You have to battle your own possessed hand in this scene." PHENOMENALLY AWESOME ACTING. Cheesey but brilliant. All actual titles listed - masterpieces, man, masterpieces.
12. Books: I'm a Harry Potter / A Series of Unfortunate Events person. (Don't like the Twilight series, as just... an FYI. Not even going into detail about it, you know, just... saying where I stand on the... 'only really reads stuff for kids and teenagers' front.)
I also really love Kino no Tabi ("Kino's Journey") which is one of the deepest stories about the perception of beauty I've ever read. As far as I know they've still only translated the very first volume into English so far, but it's truly an amazing and meaningful work and as 'books by themselves' I'd have to say probably this one. I really loved Grownup Country and the Coliseum especially.
Also, I'm an avid manga fan. I love Fullmetal Alchemist and any CLAMP work with special endearment. Harry Potter, FMA, and CLAMP stuff are my big three fangirlisms over all other fangirlisms. But I'm a fan to a lot of things. If I love something, I'm going to be loyal - not a crazy ZOMG nut, but I'll stick by its side, you know?
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