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stamped as Air// mirror theme


Name: Inge
Previously stamped as: air
Location: the Netherlands


1. What colors do you normally wear?: light grey, dark grey, dark blue, black, white, silver, royal blue, purple, bright green, scarlett red, deep pink, neon colors.

2. How would you describe your day-to-day style?: I wear a lot of basics, mostly solid colors. Skinny or baggy jeans. I rarely wear long-sleeves and if I do I roll them up. I never wear skirts, but I do wear dresses. Mostly strapless dresses, combined with a simple cardigan and a legging. If I wear jeans I mostly wear them with my Chucks. And if I wear a dress; basic flats, birkenstocks or maybe pumps. I don't really have one style. I'll just pull on what goes with my mood, wheter it's my little black dress, a basic tanktop or my neon colored Nikes.

3. Do you have a favorite accessory or piece of clothing?: Yes, my big bangle bracelets. I love them and I feel bold when I'm not wearing them. One of them is solid black plastic and the other is silver colored.

4. At least three pictures (URLs or thumbnails) and/or a thorough description:


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