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Hi all, new here.

Name: Rena
Likes: Warm places, spicy or sugary foods, cooking/baking/making candy!, reading, writing, several disney movies (Hunchback of Notre dame is my favorite- Esmeralda is the best of all disney characters), libraries, the smell of old but well cared for books, Parkour/crazy stunts, Gymnastics, martial arts, adrenaline rushes (I have a thing for creating smoke bombs and other unusual but generally harmless things), close friends, Night, windy days, flying kites, walking with music in a busy city, purple, cats.
Dislikes: Water- terrified of swimming, bitter foods, orange, nasty people, office work, big dogs,
Hopes, dreams, wishes for the future or present: I want to be a cook when I grow up, though since I'm wheat intolerant, it'll be a challenge. In the meantime, I'm working on a degree in Psychology and a minor in Writing, two of my other loves. I'd like to be able to do some good in the world, and also just to find a nice place I feel comfortable living- preferably a quiet, close-knit suburban neighborhood right outside a big and exciting city.
Hobbies:  Writing, reading, cooking, running, hanging out with friends, watching movies all night.
Some of your better qualities/talents: I'm a good writer, a good cook, and loyal. I'm quiet and a bit shy with crowds or new people, but when I get going on a topic I care about, I can get pretty loud. I'm very stubborn, which isn't always a blessing, but it's good in instances where someone's doing something wrong- prejudice and discrimation are things I'll always speak out against, even when it would be easier or smarter for me to pretend to overlook it.
Some of your worse traits: I can be angry and hold grudges often, I'm a bit untrusting of new people, and I've been burned in the past, so while I'm not a liar, I withhold a lot of things about myself sometimes to give people a different image/keep them away until I'm sure of them. I'm also sometimes lazy, though once I get moving I love running and sports.
Something you admire/love/respect: People who can be calm in any situation, and people who seem to just have that look/voice that commands respect- I've always had to fight for that.
Something you detest greatly: People who are bigoted- I hate dealing with people like that. I'm Jewish, so I think I get to see the 'bad' side of a lot of people who most others might believe are fairly good sorts/respectable folks... It's funny how people manage to hide their prejudices from others who are on their level, but are so open about them with people they think don't matter.

I also can't stand how obnoxious people can be to each other sometimes, just in general. I'm a little sarcastic, but some folks are downright mean to everyone for no particular reason. 

Five words to describe you: Creative, risk-taker, impulsive, loyal, hopeful
If you could have one "supernatural" power, what would it be?: I'm torn between invisiblity and flying. Flying would be amazing, and also good for escapes... But then, it would also draw attention, which could lead to jealousy. Invisiblity would let me go places I normally can't, and be good for fast escapes and the like when needed. Plus, it could be fun to play some harmless pranks! ^_^

Where do you feel most at home?: With a small group of friends, late at night, watching bad old movies with a huge amount of popcorn. =3 And while I'm not very religious, there's something about the smell of fresh-baked challah that makes me love stepping into temples... Mmm. I can't even eat challah but the smell's so familiar and home-like to me.

Where did find this community?: Linked from the one for stamping people with a disney princess. 

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