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Stamped // Gods and Goddesses theme

Name: Virginia

Previously stamped as: Summer, Siren, Lemon Yellow

1. What are some of your positive adjectives?: Independent, passionate, introspective, creative, intelligent, intuitive, free-spirited, supportive, unique, playful. I love to laugh.

2. What are some of your negative adjectives?: Stubborn, aggressive, overly-sensitive, immodest, sarcastic, arrogant. I also curse like a sailor, and I'm "always right".

3. What is your favorite season(s)?: Springs and summers. The fresh air is rejuvenating. It's not smothering, and it's not too chilling. It's crisp, fresh, alive, beautiful. But it's the colors that are really spectacular.

4. What type of animal are you more attracted to? Cats, definitely.

5. What element are you drawn to? Which one best represents you? Idea, love, air, and water are what I represent most with. But the best would have to be idea. I'm definitely a thinker. Introspection and thought are a huge deal to me. I'm constantly emerging myself into a world of my own. I love reading, politics, debates, and self-discovery. Basically, anything that can get me thinking and when that thought leads to a particularly strong emotion, it's even better.

6. What is your most definable strength? I am fiercely passionate about those I care for, and what I believe in.

7. What physical environment do you thrive in? What kind of weather? I thrive when I am surrounded in comfortable conditions, with the people I love most. I love color. I love nature. I thrive best on warm spring or cool summer days. I also enjoy short bursts of warm rainshowers.

8. Twilight, dawn, or night? I'm most awake at night (probably because I'm a third shift worker) - although, I love the colors of twilight and dawn - soft pinks, and greens, bright oranges and reds. Gorgeous colors.

9. Which words appeal to you?

[x] Sun
[x] Night
[ ] Growth/Prosperity
[ ] Fire/Heat
[ ] Destruction
[x] Rain
[ ] Clouds
[x] Universe
[x] Hearth
[x] Wisdom
[x] Powerful

10. Your pictures here

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