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Stamped → Gods / Goddesses Theme

Name: Spark

Previously stamped as:
Regular: Summer
Planets: Uranus (Aha! Hahaha...ha.)

1. What are some of your positive adjectives?: Logical yet intuitive. Patient, flexible, unassuming.

2. What are some of your negative adjectives?: Lazy, moody, unstable, paranoid, self-contradictory.

3. What is your favorite season(s)?: Oh, I love winter. I live in California and it's just right here.

4. What type of animal are you more attracted to? Felines of any sort. Some rodents as well.

5. What element are you drawn to? Which one best represents you? Air. You don't really notice or appreciate it until, suddenly, you don't have it.

6. What is your most definable strength? Abstract thinking, I'd say. I mean, I may come to the same conclusions as most people when faces with a problem. Though, chances are that I took a completely different route to get there.

7. What physical environment do you thrive in? What kind of weather? Cold. So, mountains. But I do love the beach so. Perhaps somewhere in between the two so that I may visit which ever I wish.

8. Twilight, dawn, or night? All? I don't suppose I could do that. Y'know... Twilight, night, dawn -- that's my entire day, really. I tend to sleep during the actual day. I'll go with dawn.

9. Which words appeal to you?
[ ] Sun
[x] Night
[x] Growth/Prosperity

[ ] Fire/Heat
[ ] Destruction
[x] Rain
[x] Clouds
[x] Universe
[ ] Hearth
[x] Wisdom
[x] Powerful

10. Your pictures here: Oh, no! :o I don't have any at the moment. Taking some now is out of the question. My hair is filthy.
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