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Name: Ozbourne will do fine, thanks; I prefer not to use my real name online.

Likes: Art, crafts, fashion design, fantasy books/movies, mythology, some reality TV (not the dating ones), bubble baths, dreams, long walks, fruit, rice, seafood, chicken, sleeping, solving puzzles, surfing the Internet, walking around barefoot, Pokemon

Dislikes: Backstabbing people, bigotry/prejudice, early mornings, people who are way too happy all the time, onions, mayonnaise, wristwatches, wearing shorts, being cold all the time, socks, high-waisted pants or skirts, people who try to push their beliefs on you.

Hopes, dreams, wishes for the future or present: I'd love to not have to answer to anyone's schedule, rules, dress code, etc; either through starting my own business or coming into some landfall of money. I'd also like to start my own clothing line and be a famous designer.

Hobbies: Drawing, knitting, sewing, fashion design, reading, surfing the Internet, video and computer games, taking long walks
Some of your better qualities/talents: I can knit really cool things without a pattern, usually making them up as I go along. I'm quite creative. I'm very independent. I'm reasonably intelligent. I'm good at puzzles. I've got a decent (yet quite sarcastic) sense of humour. I'm good at memorizing things. When you've earned my trust, I am a very loyal friend. I try to be honest.

Some of your worse traits: I do not trust people easily. I tend to offend people without meaning to. I don't have great self esteem. I have a bad temper. I hold grudges very easily and can be pretty vindictive if given the opportunity. I have a bit of a sadistic streak and enjoy seeing bad things happen to people that I think deserve them. When I'm upset about something I tend to brood. I have the type of personality that is prone to addiction. I can be quite chaotic.

Something you admire/love/respect: Right now my main passion is fashion and design.

Something you detest greatly: When someone betrays my trust, especially since it's difficult to earn in the first place.

Five words to describe you: Unique, independent, creative, chaotic, loner

If you could have one "supernatural" power, what would it be?: There are so many I'd like to have; weather control, time control, mind control, the ability to control other people's dreams, flying, invisibility... I think I'll have to go with time control though. That'd be pretty sweet.

Where do you feel most at home?: In my bed, asleep. I've got amazing, vivid dreams and I look forward to going to sleep every night because of them.

Where did find this community?: It was a link either at egypt_stamping or eternal_seer.

My pics (ooh la la):

(I look like a boy when I'm not wearing makeup, so to clarify, I am indeed female.)
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