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Of Nature

Name: Jessica (but I really prefer Jess)

Likes: Chocolate, coffee, bagels, Summer, the beach, Summer storms (when its still hot!), reading, writing, gymnastics, coaching gymnastics, mythology, Ancient Rome (Julio-Claudian era), Shakespeare, Romantic & Victorian literature, movies, TV, music, dancing & singing (preferably when no one is watching), red nail polish, 1920s, 30s & 40s clothing... and more, but I don't want to bore you.

Dislikes: Excessive use of the words 'babe', 'hun', 'sweetie' or any other form of pet name which people seem to be using, text speak -its hard to reader and harder to write- condescending tones, patronising tones, hypocrites, passing judgment from first impressions, wind and rain in winter when it catches you unprepared, maths, horror movies & those mind warping thrillers, and vegetables of most forms (I do LOVE potato though).

Hopes, dreams, wishes for the future or present:
+ Become a novelist; write at least one best selling fantasy trilogy and one romance novel.
+ Become a Librarian/English teacher - go out into the 'outback' or smaller country towns and teach the less fortunate children from our Ingenious community
+ Travel - across Europe for six months, starting with Scotland in June and ending in Egypt (which I know is technically not Europe) in December. I also want to hike through New Zealand and travel to Vietnam and Cambodia.

Hobbies: Procrastination, writing, reading - chatting with friends online, graphics (Icons + Fanmixes) baking and cooking.

Some of your better qualities/talents:
+ I'm a hard worker - if someone is paying me to do something I'll give it 200% of my effort to the point of exhaustion.
+ I'm quite creative and intelligent. I love learning, reading, practically inhaling information - only it has to be a subject area that I enjoy!
+ I'm organised when I have to be - I need to be in control of a situation if it looks like no one else will be.
+ I'm loyal and passionate about my friends and friendships.

Some of your worse traits:
+ I'm one of those judgmental hypocrites I mentioned previously - I'm terribly picky and when someone does something I dislike, I'll judge them for it and then hold a grudge for a while.
+ I'm TERRIBLE at spelling. Absolutely shocking.
+ I'm a pessimist to the end - the worst thing is always going to happen for me! I'm also very anxious and cautious about things unless I'm passionate about them - I will not stand back in the shadows if you insult me or my friends or say something that could be considered in any of the 'ist' categories.

Something you admire/love/respect:
I admire my friend who has had cancer twice. She is the bravest soul I know.
I love my family - they are my world and I wouldn't be me without them.
I respect anyone who is brave enough to stand up for their cause. It takes guts and sometimes I worry I don't have them.

Something you detest greatly:
Inequality within the world. It needs to be fixed - we need to bridge the gap between the haves and the have not's, rather than widen it. I don't consider myself to be rich, but damn I have it good compared to others in life.

Five words to describe you:
Creative. Pessimist. Controlling. Cynical. Loyal.

If you could have one "supernatural" power, what would it be?:
Elemental manipulation - like in Avatar. I've always been fascinated by the elements, learning about them in Wicca/Pagan law, considering their role in most of the fantasy books I read - and I just find it so fascinating. Its going to be a central theme in my fantasy novel, I do believe, because it's just that interesting to me.

Where do you feel most at home?:
Wherever my family are is home to me. Home has so many emotional connotations attached to it, and I moved house four years ago, and never really became attached to my new 'house' before moving again. The house I grew up in, that was home to me - and perhaps always will be, but only in the physical sense, because had my family not been there it would have just been another building.

Where did find this community?: Through... someones journal. I'm one of those people who randomly browse people's journals to stalk down userpics.
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