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Of Nature

Name: Robin
Likes: weapons (of all shapes and sizes), intelligence, wit, creativity, originality, challenges, puzzles, mind games, privacy, quiet, solitude, contemplation, good art of various types, music, movies, plays, musicals, video games, beauty, talent and skillfulness, psychology, languages, genuinely good people, people who do what they want to or what they think is right without fear of being thought weird or different, coffee, alcohol, honesty, determination, loyalty
Dislikes: stupidity, ignorance, prejudice and hypocrisy and the people who embody these traits, people who think they're cuter or clever than they actually are, people who think they're the center of the universe, people who are sheep, meddlers (frankly most people with a few exceptions), being lied to, being scrutinized, being condescended to, being forced to do something (even if its something I want to do I hate being forced), the status quo, copycats, for dummies books (because it infuriates me that anyone would want to identify themselves as a dummy), talentless celebrities, reality shows, commercials, self important wank that calls itself art, loud or irritating noises, crowds, most social situations, most authority, pigs, penguins, broken promises
Hopes, dreams, wishes for the future or present: I spend most of my life in my mind so I have a lot of dreams. If it were possible I'd love to become some kind of spiritual creature, a god of sorts if you will. Not so much so that I could lord it over people, but more so that I could be aloof, apart and separate from them. Sometime I think I'd like to be infamous, to have a really twisted and well known reputation. It would be better than being famous because people would have a certain fear of me so they wouldn't always be in my face, but I'd still have the joy of being renown. More realistically I want to come as close as possible to perfecting my martial arts (although of course perfection is unattainable). I'd also like to create some kind of really original inspiring work of art that will be known in centuries to come.
Hobbies: Martial arts, sudoku, puzzles (both mental and physical), sculpting, drawing, running, pacing, brooding, contemplating esoteric questions like life, death, justice, and the human condition, staring into space, playing video games, watching movies, listening to music, singing to myself, memorizing speeches and dialogs and reciting them to myself, inventing imaginary characters and worlds, talking to myself as said characters, writing morbid hostile poetry, obsessing over things, psychoanalyzing people and characters, learning random facts
Some of your better qualities/talents: I'm intelligent, observant, I typically pick things up quickly, good at figuring out how things work, good at reading people, multi-talented (I'm good at pretty much anything I put my mind to), intense, tenacious, spirited (the greater the challenge the more determined I am to succeed), opinionated, a perfectionist, creative, original, thoughtful (in that I think), extremely devoted to the people and things that I care about), very driven when I'm interested in something, in pretty good physical shape, fast, flexible, good hand eye coordination, good memory, superficially polite (even though I dislike most people I'm not rude to them without good cause), I can be charming but it takes an effort and I don't typically bother, and I keep the promises that I make, I won't kiss ass and I won't obey someone who I don't respect
Some of your worse traits: I'm antisocial, moody, misanthropic, cynical, taciturn, disinclined to share my feelings even with those I'm closest to, secretive, private, distant, cold, a bit manipulative, ruthless, a bit of a snob (I have high standards for myself and if other people can't live up to them I have a tendency to look down on them), disingenuous (in that I act friendly and polite while secretly loathing you), I'm hopeless at team work and public speaking, bad at connecting with people on anything but a superficial level, obsessive to the point that my obsessions tend to take over my life, addictive, stubborn, I tend to drop people and interests flat once I'm finished with/lose interest in them, when I lack inspiration I tend to stagnate, I don't volunteer my help it has to be asked for, indifferent to most things (when I care I care very deeply so I try not to care about much), generally lacking in practical and social skills
Something you admire/love/respect: I admire idealist immensely (although I see too mush wrong with people and, by extension, the world to be one myself. There's something beautiful about their boundless hope, their integrity, and their willingness to fight for their beliefs. I also love any kind of art that can inspire people to be better than they typically would be. The sort of creativity that lifts us out of the muck and puts us in touch with a higher force. To quote John Wilmot from The Libertine "The theater is my soothing drug, and my cynics illness is so acute that my physic must be of the highest quality."
Something you detest greatly: Oh plenty of things, I think entitlement tops the list however. I despise people who act like the world owes them something because of who they are or who they were born. Respect isn't an inborn gift, it has to be earned, and I have no respect for rich privileged scum who think they're superior just because they have money.
Five words to describe you: moody, intense, creative, secretive, cynical
If you could have one "supernatural" power, what would it be?: I'd like mastery over time. If I could control the flow of time then I'd have all the time I need to figure out how to get more supernatural powers.
Where do you feel most at home?: On my own in a quiet place with a large cup of coffee with a dash of rum in it
Where did find this community?: from a search of stamping communities

Tags: stamped - regular - thunder

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