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Stamped/Animal Theme

1. Name: Meaghan, as if my username wasn't an indication.

2. Previously stamped as: Dawn and spring elementals

3. When you're alone at home, what do you most often find yourself doing? Reading, playing games online, singing.

4. How do you act in a confrontation? What role do you tend to play- observer, confronter, or the confronted? I usually try to stay out of confrontations. But when it comes down to it, I'd probably be the one confronting someone.

5. Are you easily provoked? It really depends on the situation. If I feel threatened, then yes, if I feel like someone is attacking me, my family, my ideals or opinions, yes. Aside from that, not really.

6. What kind of area would you enjoy living in? I love the city, but sometimes I'd like to live in the countryside. Not too far away from civilization though.

7. Are you a leader or a follower? A leader.

8. What adjectives describe you?

[] Sleek
[x] Elegant
[] Wily
[x] Wise
[x] Observational
[] Outgoing
[x] Colorful
[x] Loyal
[] Curious
[x] Independent
[] Troublemaker
[] Proud
[] Skittish
[x] Warm-hearted
[x] Sneaky
[] Cheerful

9. What activities would you do if you were an animal? Probably swim, a lot. I like swimming. Or just walk and wander around.

10. Would you rather fly, swim, or travel on ground? Oooh...I'd like all of them, but probably swim and travel on ground. I'm a very earthy person.

11. When are you most active? Like day or night? I tend to be a little active at night, but probably the day.

12. Introverted or extroverted? Introverted.

13. Post your picture(s) here or a description.

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