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Of nature.

Name: Jessica

Likes: Anime, manga, Internet, yaoi, yuri, movies, books, money, cosplay, conventions, making a good impression on new people I meet, food, friends, shopping, art, vacation, babies, cute things, shiny things, girls, supernatural, sunshine, nature, animals, energy drinks.

Dislikes: War, Bush, poverty, crime, disgusting things, homophobes, perverted old people, spiders, heights, nightmares, the dark, being left out, fights, famine.

Hopes, dreams, wishes for the future or present: To have a successful career and live life independantly.

Hobbies: Same as likes.

Some of your better qualities/talents: Music, hard-working, caring, loyal, open-minded, supportive, faithful, responsible, friendly, making a good first impression on people I meet, real life and online.

Some of your worse traits: Impatient, lazy, bad-tempered, loud, stubborn.

Something you admire/love/respect: Mother Nature.

Something you detest greatly: Nightmares.

Five words to describe you: Responsible, shy, loyal, supportive, bad-tempered.

If you could have one "supernatural" power, what would it be?: Teleportation.

Where do you feel most at home?: On my computer. xD

Where did find this community?:
From other rating communities.

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