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Stamped// Solar System Theme V2(?)

Name: Kelly

Previously stamped as: Summer, drought, gas giant, coral, morning glory, tidal wave, alexandriate

1. Are you more stationary or mobile? A little bit of both, I think.  I like to go out and explore every once in a while, I've been around pretty much the whole state (It's Rhode Island, mind you.) riding with my friends and such.  The reason I don't explore more is pretty much because my dad doesn't fly and I can't travel too far on my own, but if I had friends to go with me, I'd like to.

2. Do you prefer peace or destruction and the risk of danger? Definetly peace.  I could never handle the stress that comes with increased fear, I'm a pretty anxious person in general so yeah, more stress would not be good.

3. Are you more of a follower or a leader? A little bit of both.  When I'm with my friends I tend to be more of a leader, but when in a group of people I'm not well acquinated with, I usually let someone else take the lead and just blend in and follow everyone else.

4. Put an "X" to the words/descriptions that describe you or appeal to you.

[ ] Mysterious
[ ] A force not easily explained
[ ] Large in the sense that one stands out
[ ] Constantly studied/observed
[ ] Solitude
[ ] Deadly

None of them really do...

5. Objects orbiting around you, or you orbiting around objects?
I would say me orbiting around objects.  I love helping/ taking care of other people.

6. Are you stubborn and headstrong, or agreeable and compliant?
Probably a little more compliant, though if  I feel like I'm being caved in and being ganged up against on, I tend to make it known how I'm feeling, most likely in vain however.

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