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Stamped / Solar System Theme

Name: Lila

Previously stamped as: Winter/Ice/Forest, Virgo, Carnelian/Onyx, Snowdrop

1. Are you more stationary or mobile? I guess I generally prefer stationary but mobility has its time and place.

2. Do you prefer peace or destruction and the risk of danger? I prefer the IDEA of risks but in real life I prefer to be safe and cautious so peace is probably a better choice.

3. Are you more of a follower or a leader? I like being a follower who has the ability to influence the leader.

4. Put an "X" to the words/descriptions that describe you or appeal to you.

[X] Mysterious
[X] A force not easily explained
[X] Large in the sense that one stands out
[X] Constantly studied/observed
[X] Solitude
[X] Deadly

Sorry about that...I like words.

5. Objects orbiting around you, or you orbiting around objects? Objects orbiting around me would be nice I think. I secretly like the idea of being the center of (good) attention and of being calm in the middle of havoc.

6. Are you stubborn and headstrong, or agreeable and compliant? I have to say a bit of both. It depends on the situation and my mood. Usually probably more agreeable and compliant though.
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