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Rules: # You must include credit if you use any of my icons; credit can be in a number of different ways - in keywords, in interests, in your userinfo, or as a note in an entry in your journal.
[ from syndarysicons ]

# No posting in this community. I am the only one to post icons in here.

# Always comment when you take an icon.

# Please do not hotlink.

# Please do not STEAL.

# No requesting. ok? =c)

# Please! I beg you...read the rules!

# I don't remember where i found all those brushes that I use, but I have some links on my personal journal.

# Almost all screencaps that I use are from : cap_it

::I sometimes post at: (hm..you can find in my personal journal...) Mann i'm lazy..hehe XD

PS: Sorry my bad english...i'm terrible writing in english...er.. >_<