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Status of Spy Hunter

Source: ComingSoon.net

MTV caught up with The Rock and asked about the status of Spy-Hunter, Universal's big screen adaptation of Midway Games' popular arcade game of the 1980s. Earlier this year, director John Woo left the project over scheduling conflicts.

"'Spy Hunter' is going great," The Rock says. "We've got Stuart Beattie who's writing it right now, who wrote 'Collateral' as well as 'Pirates of the Caribbean,' so he's a great writer, he's got a great take on it. 'Spy Hunter' is one of those movies that we announced almost two years ago and everybody who I run into is like, 'Where's 'Spy Hunter?' It's one of those movies that you cannot get wrong. That's why it's so important that the writing is right, the feel, the tone is right. You see the car, you see [my character] Alec Sects. So it's going to be the real deal once it's done."

The star added that one else had been cast yet. "Not yet — just myself and the car, the Interceptor. And that thing is bad. We've already seen some early drawings of it and early renditions of it on video. It just jumps off a cliff, turns into a boat, then into a motorcycle when it comes back on land. It's badass."
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