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Jun. 17th, 2009

brookelle bones emo


4 Dwayne Banners :)

just got a few new banner graphic thingies of Dwayne...they look really awesome! click here:


btw i just noticed, by nobody wrote a happy b-day entry for Dwayne this year! :( poor Rocky bear. well, it's like 2 months late (his bday was May 2) but i wanna wish him a happy bday and all the best! wee loove you Dwayne! here's bonus birthday banner:

happy 37th birthday Dwayne!!♥♥


May. 2nd, 2006

DJ smiling = OMG HOT <3


Happy birthday!

This is a little late, since I didn't post it since last night/this morning, but since I'm in PST I'm going to say that I'm on time. ;)

Anyway, today is Dwayne's birthday! He is 34 today. :) In honor of that, I posted some pictures; nothing new, but nice to look at anyway. They're a lot of pictures, so it might take a bit to load if you're on dial-up. :)

*sigh...*Collapse )

Feel free to share your favorite picture of Dwayne in this post! :D