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Simply electrifyin...

Simply The Rock.

fans of the rock
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This community is for Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. He doesn't seem to have an active community here in LJ land, so we need to change that! :D In this community you can expect:

*Fanfiction of The Rock
*Ability for icon-makers to post icons/wallpapers/etc

Don't be shy and feel free to post; you are among DJ fans alike! Also, help in promoting this community (while not, you know, spamming too much) will be appreciated. :) As with any community, though, there are some rules (any change in them will be informed); here are the rules:

\\ Please respect each other and each other's opinions. //

\\ No bashing of any kind will be tolerated. No bashing DJ, no bashing each other, and out of courtesy and respect towards DJ himself, do not bash Dani Johnson. It might go against the first rule, but I don't want flame wars here, so please...no bashing. :) //

\\ If posting news, pictures, or anything else that deserves credit, give credit where credit is due. And, if posting a rumor, clarify that it is a rumor to prevent misunderstandings and confusion. //

\\ Last but definitely not least; don't join if you're not a fan. I've been in communities where people just join to annoy fans and post stupid things about the person the community is for, so please...save us the trouble of reading said comments/posts, and the trouble of banning you. Because you will be banned, and reported.//

For any questions, suggestions, or just want to say hi, feel free to contact me through either my email {hugsiez@livejournal.com}. Now, start posting and start spreading the DJ love! :D

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Moderators: hugsiez and reikakubandit.

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