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coco_cherry in electrifyin__

Super Random Dwayne-Ness ;P


Just updating this journal :] Hasn't had anything new since forever! Anyway here's 2 collages i made and 1 super large sexy piccy of Dwayne i scanned (click to enlarge). Plus here's this video I made about The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin's rivalry on my  youtube account:

Hope y'all likey!


Thank you!! The big poster is so awesome! Wish I had it T_T
no probz :] i have lots of posters of Dwayne in my room, but i don't have a gigantic one yet. the bigger, the better! he is so freakin hott *drools*
These are some great pics of him,I'm snagging them and will credit you when I use them. Also...that super sexy shot of him,I have that framed LOL. It came with his dvd boxset and my aunt gave me a talking frame and he fit right in there LOL.
thanx! i also have Dwayne's DVD. i've seen it like a billion times. whenever im bored or in a shitty mood i just take out his DVD and stare at his gorgeous face. makes me feel better :] he's such a sex bomb!
at the poster store? iunno lol i have small ones ripped out from magazine or ones i printed. if i had any idea where to get those gigantic types then i would buy every single one! :] but sadly i have no clue. sowwy :(